F.A.Q. - World Ducati Week 2022

Where can I buy a ticket?

Directly via this link, or on the ducati.com website in the section dedicated to World Ducati Week.

If I cannot purchase the ticket online or if I cannot use the code in my possession, can I contact someone by phone ?

Yes, you can contact the contact centre dedicated to WDW 2022 either by phone on +39 051/4490044 or by e-mail: wdw@vivaticket.com 

What types of ticket are available?

Tickets come in the form of a Biker Pass (guest with motorcycle) and Visitor Pass (passenger or guest without motorcycle) and are valid for either one day or all three days. Speak to your trusted dealer, or your president if you are a D.O.C. member, to find out more about discounts and provisions for buying tickets.

Can I take part even if I don’t have a motorcycle?

Absolutely! World Ducati Week is open to everybody, with events, shows and activities designed not only for bikers but for everyone. 

I’m a rider but am coming without my bike. What experiences can I enjoy?

With the biker or visitor 3-day pass, you will have the opportunity to participate in all activities, static and riding, except for the turns on the track with your bike. You will be able to admire our products narrated in the paddock, discover a sneak preview of next year's new model, participate in stuntmen's shows and night events. You'll also be able to try out the latest motorcycles and e-bikes from Ducati, participate in the legendary Rustida, served this year directly on the track. Participate in talks given by our specialists organized directly on the various stages in the paddock.

Can I take part with a bike that is not a Ducati?

WDW is open to bikes of every brand and model. However, the track test sessions are reserved to Ducati models. 

I have purchased the 3-day biker pass and would like to be able to enter one day with one bike and one day with another Ducati bike. Is this possible?

No, you will only be able to participate with one bike, whose ID number is associated with your wristband. This allows us to ensure the safety of the bikes inside the circuit. 

What activities can I do with a 3-day Biker pass ?

With the 3-day Biker pass you can join all the activities included in the program and book track sessions (only for Ducati motorbike owners), DRE Riding Academy sessions and a test ride of Ducati models. 

What activities can I do with a Visitor 3-day pass ?

With the Visitor pass it is possible to attend all the activities included in the program, book DRE Riding Academy sessions and a test ride of the Ducati models. Basically everything except the track session with your bike. 

What activities can I do with a Biker or Visitor day pass ?

With the daily Biker or Visitor pass you can attend everything in the daily program except for track sessions, DRE Riding Academy and test rides of Ducati models.  

I have a disability: can I book a free ticket?

A 75% disability entitles you to free admission on the WDW pass. You cannot reserve your ticket online, but you can pick it up directly on the spot. 

I’ve bought a ticket but can no longer attend. What can I do?

You can practice the right to withdraw (Art. 7 of the regulation) or give the ticket to another person by changing the name. To change the name associated with a purchased ticket, you must contact customer service on +39 (0)51 4490044. To make this change, you will need to be in possession of a ticket and supply the ''Name'' and ''Surname” originally entered, together with the Sigillo Fiscale (fiscal seal) printed on the ticket. A name change can be carried out by either the ticket purchaser or the individual named on the ticket. On the day of the event, a valid form of ID will be requested at the Check-In Points, in addition to the ticket, in order to verify access authorization. If the ticket and ID do not correspond, you will be unable to access the event and will not be eligible for any refund. 

Can I give my pass to a friend if I can no longer attend?

The pass is named, so you can surrender it upon updating the name. 

To make a name change of a purchased ticket you must contact the service department at 0039-(0)51-4490044. 

To do this, you must be in possession of the ticket and provide ''First Name'' and ''Last Name'' originally entered along with the Fiscal Seal shown on the ticket. Both the purchaser and the individual ticket holder may make the name change. On the day of the Event, valid ID will be requested at the Check-In Points in addition to the ticket to verify access authorization, and if there is a mismatch, you will not be allowed to enter the Event or be entitled to any refund. 

Can I attend on just one day?

1-day passes are available online, granting access to the event on just one day (Friday, Saturday or Sunday). 1-day passes do not allow for the booking of track sessions or Ducati experiences such as DRE Rookie or DRE Adventure. 

Can I bring the whole family?

Absolutely! World Ducati Week is open to everybody, with events, shows and activities designed for the whole family. 

I would like to travel with others, but I don’t know any other participants, what can I do?

If you want to find travel companions, you can contact your local dealer or club, as they are no doubt arranging group trips and/or stays. 

How can I reach the circuit?

By car/bike on Autostrada A/14 Bologna/Bari/Taranto – ‘Cattolica’ exit. By train via the Stazione FS in Riccione (it is also possible to continue on to Misano Adriatico). 

What do I need to enter the circuit?

As well as your digital Pass, you will need to have collected your bracelet before reaching the circuit gates. 

Where can I collect the bracelet needed for entry?

The bracelets for you and your bike will not be posted to you and must be collected before you arrive at the gates. See the local Check-In Points (view map). 

Where can I find the WDW schedule?

The three-day schedule is available here. More details will follow in due course. 

How can I book track sessions?

Everyone who purchases a 3-day Biker Pass will receive an email with a link to book the experiences directly online, for as long as there is availability. You will be asked to enter your ticket code at the time of booking. Access to the experiences is subject to entry requirements (a valid A2 or A3 license, suitable clothing, etc.), which are detailed in the specific regulation. 

How can I book a test ride?

All those who have purchased a 3 days Biker Pass will soon receive an email with the link to book the experience online, subject to availability. You will need to enter your ticket code when booking. Access to the Experiences is subject to the entry requirements (valid A2 or A3 driving licence, appropriate clothing, etc.) which are indicated in the track regulations. 

Are refreshments available?

There will be bar areas and food trucks to suit all tastes set up inside the paddock. 

How can I register for the Ducati Talks?

The Ducati Talks will take place in the paddock, in various locations, and are free to enter. Consult the schedule to find the talks that interest you most. 

How can I sign up for the Assembly/Disassembly Contest?

The Assembly/Disassembly Contest takes place in the Tech Village at various times throughout the day. Booking is not required. 

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