Josh Brookes makes it 2 out of 2 at Brands as Tommy Bridewell secures 3rd in the British Superbike Championship

Ducati riders dominated once more in the penultimate British Superbike race of 2019, with Josh Brookes taking his 2nd win of the weekend in another all-Ducati finish.

Brookes led from pole and initially gapped the field, with Tommy Bridewell soon making it a Ducati 1-2 out at the front. Behind them Scott Redding was charging through the field from 8th, moving into 3rd on Lap 7.

Redding then set about closing the gap to Brookes and Bridewell, passing the latter into Paddock Hill Bend for 2nd on Lap 18. A thrilling final lap saw a similar move on his teammate, but Brookes fought back immediately to regain and hold the lead and take the chequered flag.

The 2019 Bennetts British Superbike Championship title will now be decided bewteen the Be Wiser Ducati teammates in the final race of the year later this afternoon, with Redding’s lead at the top now standing at just 14 points ahead of Brookes.

Oxford Racing Ducati rider Bridewell, who has now confirmed his 3rd place in the championship will start Race 3 from pole, with Redding and Brookes starting from 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

Josh Brookes (Be Wiser Ducati #35) – 1st
“Initially I got the start and took off as best I could and saw I had a gap straight away. I thought this isn’t ideal because if I get away it spreads everybody out, I really need people to get into a race with Scott. That would be the ideal situation if riders could interfere with the points system. I didn’t feel comfortable doing ‘25s, so stuck in the ‘26s for a while. And then I got zero on the board, so I knew everybody had sort of caught me up. Then I just started to go a bit quicker, bit quicker, to lead someone, be the carrot and sneak away, and try and lead someone into a mistake. Again, that didn’t happen either.

The last few laps, things started to get a bit tricky. The tyres were definitely on their way out and it was hard to keep the traction. Next thing, Scott came past. I wasn’t having that, I was going to win at all costs. I just went immediately back up the inside and the rest of the lap I was pretty strong so I thought it would be difficult for anyone to make a pass. I felt quite confident after that. It’s important to keep racking up wins and we’ll see what happens in the final race of the year.” 

Scott Redding (Be Wiser Ducati #45) – 2nd
“I dropped back off the start and I had to get through a couple of guys again. I had some clear track and had to catch a gap. I just kept my head down and just kept being consistent with my rhythm. I got to the guys and didn’t feel too bad. I was a bit quicker over the back where I was slow yesterday. With a few laps to go I thought I think I’ve got a little bit to have a go at winning this. So, I had a shot at it. I got past Josh, squared off turn one. And I knew he was going to lunge to two, if I was in the position, I would do the same. At the end of the day if I go down it’s an advantage to him and I bared that in mind, I left a bit of space. I thought it’s a bit naughty, but I expected it. I wanted to battle down to the end, but I had to just keep in mind that I need to finish this race. And 2nd place is pretty good. I know I’ve got the pace to beat him. I caught those guys from a long way back and I’m comfortable behind and I look forward to Race 3.”

Tommy Bridwell (Oxford Racing Ducati #46) – 3rd
“It was alright. If I’m honest, the middle part of the race, and I don’t think I should say it, I don’t think anyone’s got the same pace as me. I can bang a ’25 comfortably. But towards the last three laps is where I struggle a little bit. When Scott came by, I felt fine. Then I just started losing the rear on entry and that’s my strongest point. Bit of a shame. I genuinely wanted to go for the win. I lined up a couple of passes on Josh but soon as I was doing that, I just started losing my front brake. All in all, I am genuinely happy, a good solid race. We ran it to them yet again and in the next race we’ll see if we can go for the win again.”