Ducati deliver police liveried Panigale V4 to BikeSafe


Police-led motorcycle project, BikeSafe joined Ducati UK at their annual Silverstone track day to take delivery of a special Ducati Panigale V4 in police livery.

The bike has been loaned to BikeSafe by Ducati to show their support for the project which is aimed at reducing the number of bikers being hurt on the roads by improving skills, knowledge and hazard awareness.

Nick Adderley, Assistant Chief Constable for Staffordshire Police and National Lead for BikeSafe UK, said: "We are absolutely delighted with the relationship we have with Ducati, what’s really important is our mission as part of BikeSafe is to help bikers to become safer on the roads and better road users.

“The fact that we have a relationship with Ducati means that we have that engagement opportunity with bikers, because the V4 really peaks people’s interest.

“They want to come over to us and enjoy the bike with us and it gives us the opportunity to really speak to them and educate them about safe riding.",

Every day in the UK there are 60 serious motorcycle related road traffic accidents. 16 involve life-changing injuries, with at least one daily fatality. Key to addressing these statistics is to understand that the most significant contributory factor is rider error. This is why professional police riders from all over the UK are united through BikeSafe to help riders to recognise the benefits of investing in ongoing post-test rider training. 

More information on BikeSafe is available here: https://bikesafe.co.uk/