Design: an emotion amplifier

The new Streetfighter V4 is created to amplify the emotions of the rider by making them feel like the protagonist in every ride. It is an unrivalled naked bike, both modern and technological, with a powerful and exciting design, which has been met with great success from the public and critics.

The bike conveys sportiness with the single-seat configuration due to the presence of the passenger seat cover that can be replaced with the saddle and foot pegs supplied like on the new Panigale V4. The tank, evolved in shape and with greater capacity (4.49 gallons), is embraced by new side covers that support the wings. 

Single-seat saddle

With the single-seat configuration due to the presence of the passenger seat cover that can be replaced with the supplied seat and footrests, the new Streetfighter V4 conveys sportiness at first glance.

New extractors

Behind the radiator the new hot air extractor profiles, which follow the design evolutions made by the Panigale V4 and have a structural function, stand out. They are fixed directly to the frame and integrate the double overlapping wings which, in addition to being a reference to the MotoGP bike, generate the vertical load necessary to guarantee maximum stability at high speeds.

New tank design

The tank of the Streetfighter 2023 is made of aluminum and goes from 3.5 to 3.7 gallons with a change of conformation which, as on the Panigale V4, better supports the rider under braking and in cornering. Compared to the Panigale V4, the tank has been suitably modified in the lower area to allow the fitting of a saddle with more foam to increase rider comfort. As with track bikes, the tank has a portion of its capacity located under the rider's seat.

Full-LED headlamp

The Streetfighter V4 design immediately conveys its mission. A message represented by the minimalist design of the full-LED headlamp that recalls the front of the Panigale V4 but evokes the expression of the Joker, the declared inspiration for the Centro Stile Ducati in creating this naked bike from Borgo Panigale. 

Double layer fairing

The compact front headlight assembly is inserted in a double-layer casing with a particularly refined design, in which the air intakes for the air-box and for the cooling of the LED units are obtained, while a rear deflector prevents the flow from impacting directly on the tank. The headlamp is topped by the 5” TFT dashboard (the same as the Panigale V4) integrated with a sophisticated front cover that elegantly hides the fixings and wiring.

The new colors of the Fight Formula

The color range consists of Ducati Red and the new “Grey/Nero” livery, which will be available only for the “S” version. A perfect color choice to show the "bad" side of the Streetfighter V4 S and to attract attention when riding it. 

The inspiration: Joker

The spirit of the Streetfighter V4 is perfectly portrayed by the design of the full-LED headlamp, which, while reminiscent of the front of the Panigale V4, also refers to the crazy expression of the Joker, the famous comic book character.

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