New SuperSport 950


Comfort and versatility

To combine comfort and versatility while ensuring sporty riding on the new SuperSport 950, attention has been paid to ergonomics, aerodynamic protection and freedom of movement for the rider.  

The seat is one piece and 810 mm high allowing the rider to easily place their feet on the ground.   

The height at which the handlebars are positioned is to assume a sporty riding position without overloading the wrists, while the footrests are positioned to not strain the knees, while ensuring maximum control.

This riding position will be appreciated in everyday use and on mid duration trips and is a will deliver fun sporty riding when you want to pick up the pace.

The seat

The padding of the seat is modified to improve comfort during road use. The improvement in comfort also includes new and more effective heat guards, which shield the exhaust manifolds and air vents for the rider's legs obtained in the fairings.

The portion of the seat made for the passenger is well spaced from the footrests and is adequately padded. To increase comfort, a seat with more padding (25+mm) for both rider and passenger can be chosen from the Ducati Performance Accessories range. This seat accessory is suitable for longer journeys and comes with external passenger handles which offer a more ergonomic grip than the under grips equipped under the standard seat. 

Trellis Frame

The new SuperSport 950 is equipped with a trellis frame that uses the engine as a structural element of the chassis. The main steel trellis is connected to the cylinder heads, while the rear seat post subframe, also in steel, is fixed to that of the vertical cylinder. 

This configuration allows for a very compact, light frame with high torsional rigidity, a perfect feature to enhance the dynamic qualities of the SuperSport 950. The configuration of the frame supporting the engine contributes to having a curb weight of 210 kg, 1 kg. less than the first SuperSport.

Single sided swingarm

As a true Ducati sports bike, the SuperSport 950 is equipped with adjustable suspension and single-sided swingarm in gravity cast aluminum, which has characteristics of high rigidity and low weight, giving the bike a technical and professional look.

The front is equipped with a 43 mm diameter Marzocchi fork, fully adjustable in hydraulics and preload. The rear has a Sachs shock absorber, fixed to the vertical cylinder on one side and to the single arm on the other, with adjustment of spring preload and hydraulic brake in extension.

The SuperSport 950 S is equipped with refined, multi-adjustable Öhlins suspension. At the front there is a fork with 48 mm diameter stanchions, with TiN treatment for maximum smoothness, and at the rear an Öhlins monoshock, fully adjustable, with integrated gas tank.

The chassis equipment of both versions can be completed with an adjustable Öhlins steering damper. 

Enjoy the details

With the new updates the SuperSport 950 becomes sportier in appearance, more fun to ride and even easier, safer, and more comfortable thanks to a richer standard equipment.

New SuperSport 950

Sportier in look, more fun to drive and even easier, safer and more comfortable thanks to a richer standard equipment. Explore the new SuperSport 950.

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