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Imagine the warmth of family and all bright colors of international flags coming together. 

Imagine enjoying new experiences, exploring breathtaking landscapes, participating in exclusive events and spending unique moments riding your bike alongside those who share your passion. 

Imagine a community that chooses daily the red of Borgo Panigale to color its days. 

Stop imagining. It already exists. 

Join a Desmo Owners Club and start making your passion a source of pride! 

The DOC world is waiting for you!

Search for the club nearest you and connect directly with a President who will welcome you to the Ducatisti family. Create your profile in the MyDucati section and immediately discover all the advantages of the DOC world.

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DesmoOwnersClub January Bike Night
DesmoOwnersClub MADOG Holiday Party
DesmoOwnersClub February Ride
DesmoOwnersClub Progressive IMS Motorcycle show -
DesmoOwnersClub February Coffee Meet Up
DesmoOwnersClub Feb Bike Night
DesmoOwnersClub Jennings GP
DesmoOwnersClub Bartlett Lake Ride
DesmoOwnersClub March Day Ride
DesmoOwnersClub March Coffee Meet Up
DesmoOwnersClub Motori Italiani
DesmoOwnersClub Spring Ride
DesmoOwnersClub Mar Bike Night
DesmoOwnersClub iDESMO picture Rally
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Passion, fun and family: this and much more in the DOC world, join the community!

Desmo Owners Club: live the passion and share it!

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