The Ducati brothers

When the three children of Antonio Cavalieri Ducati founded their "Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati” in 1926, probably they didn't even imagine that their small radio equipment business would be destined to become one of the most acclaimed motorcycle brands of the world.
The Ducati brothers

The three children of Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, an engineer who became successful towards the end of the XIX century, are the main characters behind the birth of Ducati. The head of the project and site was Bruno Ducati; in turn, Marcello Ducati was head of personnel, while Adriano Ducati was in charge of production and research. READ MORE

Adriano Ducati

In 1924 Adriano Cavalieri Ducati, a brilliant physics student, became famous for his successful attempt to connect Italy and the United States by radio with a short-wave device he himself had fashioned. Driven by the enthusiasm for this successful experiment, on 4 July 1926 the Ducati family founded “Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati”. READ MORE

Bruno Cavalieri Ducati

When Adriano, Bruno and Marcello Cavalieri Ducati founded their "Società Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati” in Bologna in July 1926, their aggregate age didn’t even reach fifty years. While Adriano was the technical and scientific mind of the company, Bruno was its Administration and Finance Director. READ MORE   

The Ducati characters

Guglielmo Marconi

Marconi is universally known as the discoverer of wireless radio transmission. In Livorno, Marconi's mother introduced her son to physics professor Vincenzo Rosa, the man who routed the young Guglielmo to the knowledge of electromagnetic waves, which had just been discovered by Hertz in 1891. READ MORE   

Aldo Farinelli

Aldo Farinelli had a managerial position in Turin at SIATA (a company specialized in sports car production) and it was while at SIATA he was able to show off his inventive and technical skills when he developed and patented the 4-speed engine “Cucciolo”. READ MORE 

Alberino Cristofori

This is the exciting story of a man who, thanks to the solidarity of Ducati's staff, managed to escape the horrors of the Second World War. READ MORE

Gian Luigi Capellino

Gian Luigi Capellino may well be defined as the first frame designer of Ducati. Right after the war the owners of the company bought a project from Turin-based company Siata: Cucciolo is its name. READ MORE

Giuseppe Montano

Giuseppe Montano is mentioned for his authoritative management style, for the strategic changes he implemented, and, above all, for hiring the man who revolutionized Ducati Meccanica: Fabio Taglioni. READ MORE

Giorgio Monetti

Giorgio Monetti became part of Ducati's history especially thanks to the "World Tour", an extraordinary and pioneering journey that he accomplished, together with his friend Tartarini, on the roads of all continents. READ MORE

Leopoldo Tartarini

Leopoldo Tartarini was born in Bologna on the 10th of August 1932, in a family in which motorcycles have always had a special consideration. His father competed with various brands including Frera and Guzzi, of which he was a dealer for many years, before moving with his son to Ducati. READ MORE

Franco Farnè

Franco Farné is a name that has accompanied Ducati and all of its motorcycles for the past 50 years. When Fabio Taglioni arrived and revolutionised Ducati’s technique, Farné had already professionally raced the Cucciolo and was working as a mechanic in the factory. READ MORE

Fabio Taglioni

For almost forty years, Fabio Taglioni has been the inspiring and propelling force behind the extraordinary success of Ducati motorcycles on circuits and roads throughout the world. READ MORE

Mario Recchia

Mario Recchia was one of the most famous Ducati mechanics and riders. An interview reports the stories of his years at the Borgo Panigale factory. READ MORE

Gianni Degli Antoni

Gianni Degli Antoni, a rider from Modena, was hired by Ducati for the 1955 Motogiro. The victories achieved in endurance races allowed Degli Antoni to become the reference rider of the new Ducati team. READ MORE  

Bruno Spaggiari

Since his youth Bruno Spaggiari aspired to a "lively" life. When he first saw a motorcycle competition he decided to become a racing rider. READ MORE

Mike Hailwood

Mike Hailwood was perhaps the greatest rider of all time. His father, Stan Hailwood, was very rich and his first fan, by providing him with everything he needed to race motorcycles. READ MORE

Paul Smart

Paul Smart raced with many bikes but it was his legendary victory at the Imola 200 Miles in 1972 that assured his eternal fame with Ducati lovers. READ MORE

Cook Neilson

Cook Neilson was written into the Ducati history book for his splendid victory on the Daytona speedway in 1977 riding the California Hot Rod, a 750 SS prepared by his friend Phil Schilling. It was the first time that an Italian motorcycle won a race for derived bikes from standard production in the U.S. READ MORE

Marco Lucchinelli

Marco Lucchinelli won the 500 cc World Championship in 1981 riding a Suzuki. He then embarked on a new stage of his career at Ducati, earning success after success. Among his highlights was the famous victory at Daytona in 1987 and the triumph in the inaugural race of the World Superbike Championship. READ MORE  

Miguel Galluzzi

Miguel Angel Galluzzi always had in his blood a passion for engines as well as an almost visceral attraction for motorcycles. Monster, his most famous project, allowed him to enter the history of motorcycling in its own right. READ MORE

Massimo Tamburini

It is undeniable that the ingenious Tamburini broke all the mould of the time, by creating a bike that was influential for over a decade and whose line is still unparalleled today. READ MORE

Raymond Roche

In his long career Roche has ridden a lot of bikes, but moving on to the Superbike he took a significant professional opportunity. READ MORE

Doug Polen

Doug Polen is remembered not only for his victories, but also for his spectacular riding style: he was in fact one of the first riders to drift with the bike leaning at high speed. READ MORE

Giancarlo Falappa

The motorcycling world has always had its heroes, namely riders who are remembered for their deeds or for their results. Giancarlo Falappa falls within this category for his tenacity in the race conduct that helped him to be one of the most combative riders of the World Superbike Championship. READ MORE

Carl Fogarty

One can't think about Superbike without evoking the exploits of "King" Carl Fogarty, the rider who won more titles and races than any other rider of the championship for racing bikes based on standard production models. READ MORE

Pierre Terblanche

His first wonderful work at Ducati was the Supermono, considered to be a milestone in motorcycle design, a multi-victory bike on the racetrack. READ MORE

Troy Bayliss

Throughout Ducati's history several riders have won the hearts of fans and enthusiasts, but one in particular is universally known as the "darling" of modern Ducatistas: Troy Bayliss. READ MORE

Loris Capirossi

When in 2003, after a first participation in the MotoGP championship in 1971, Ducati returned to competition in the premier class with the Desmosedici, riding next to Troy Bayliss was one of the veterans of MotoGP: Loris Capirossi. READ MORE

Casey Stoner

Ducati's great adventure in MotoGP, which began in 2003 and progressed with the first successes of Loris Capirossi, reached the top with a world title in 2007 with a rider that was destined to become a favourite of Ducatistas: Casey Stoner. READ MORE

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