Nouvelle Panigale V2

Red Essence

Le twin Panigale a fait l’objet d’une refonte complète. Rebaptisée Panigale V2, elle est maintenant dotée d’une centrale électronique inertielle. Elle offre aussi un véritable confort routier grâce à sa selle et ses suspensions plus confortables tout en conservant les meilleures performances sportives pour un plaisir de conduite renouvelé.

Son nom renseigne immédiatement les amateurs de bicylindres et indique qu’elle est motorisée par un Twin Superquadro de 955 cm³.

La nouvelle Panigale V2



L’essenza della sportività Ducati è sottolineata dal tradizionale colore Ducati Red in abbinamento ai cerchi a cinque razze di colore nero.
19´390 CHF i
  • Ducati red
955 cc
155 CV (114 kW) @ 10.750 rpm i
104 Nm @ 9.000 rpm i
Hauteur de selle
840 mm
Poids à sec
176 kg
Fiche Technique

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La fusion parfaite de la puissance et de l'élégance

La nouvelle Panigale V2 est une moto massive et compacte au design épuré avec des lignes très nettes qui traduisent la puissance sans compromettre l'élégance classique de la Ducati Superbike.

La Panigale V2 est équipée d'un monobras oscillant en aluminium, caractéristique de toutes les sportives Ducati haut de gamme. Le carénage met en valeur le moteur bicylindre Superquadro plus compact (plus petit que celui de la Desmosedici Stradale), créant une moto visiblement plus légère et moins intimidante que la Panigale V4.

 Dominating the front end are the two large air intakes, the upper parts of which incorporate the full-LED headlight. The new intakes merge with the existing air feed layout via newly designed ducts that, delivery rates remaining equal, lose less pressure than the previous ones, thus boosting intake efficiency.

The headlight has been compacted with the express intent of giving the intakes themselves - especially with the bike at standstill - a more menacing air. Two specially shaped rims on the undersides of the air intakes speed up air inflow. The full-LED headlight consists of a Daytime Running Light (which creates a dual 'eyebrow' effect, highlighting the upper rim of the air intake) and two compact dipped beam / high beam LED modules.

Carénage "Double Couche"

Le carénage a une configuration " double couche " : une couche principale qui s'étend vers le haut et se fond dans le réservoir par l'intermédiaire de deux entretoises robustes, et une couche secondaire qui agit également comme extracteur d'air. Cette solution " double couche " ravive les lignes épurées typiques des motos sportives Ducati, réputées pour leur look. En dessous, le carénage est visuellement intégré au silencieux situé sous le moteur, qui se termine par une sortie latérale unique sur le côté droit aux dimensions extrêmement compactes.

Perfect Ducati Style

The tail is built on a steel Trellis subframe lined with plastic covers that runs from the vertical cylinder to the tailpiece, of winged, spoiler-like design.
The tailpiece incorporates the full-LED tail light, also wing-shaped: while a one-piece assembly, the light has two distinct parts as per Ducati sports bike tradition. The Panigale V2 combines a traditional Ducati Red livery with black 5-spoke wheels of a Panigale V4-inspired design.

Superquadro : le bicylindre Ducati

Le moteur bicylindre Superquadro de 955 cm³ est conforme à la norme Euro 5. Comparé au moteur de la 959 Panigale, il délivre 5 CV et 2 Nm de couple en plus. Il est également équipé d'un nouveau silencieux d'échappement plus compact, entièrement placé sous le moteur.

Avec une puissance maximale de 155 CV à 10 750 tr/min et un couple de 104 Nm à 9 000 tr/min, ce moteur bi-cylindre délivre une puissance douce et agréable sur la route tout en restant puissant - mais toujours sous contrôle - sur la piste.


Higher Performance: New injectors and inlet ducts

Performance enhancement largely stems from the new injectors (two per cylinder, one above and one below the butterfly, larger, and re-angled) and the new inlet ducts which, delivery rates remaining equal, lose less pressure than their predecessors, thus boosting intake efficiency. Oval throttle body dimensions remain unchanged with an equivalent diameter of 62 mm. Throttle bodies are controlled independently of each other via a full Ride by Wire system.


The new silencer has a new internal layout and, back pressure remaining equal, abates noise spikes more easily. This has led to a considerable reduction in silencer bulk. The new silencer also houses two larger. enhanced-impregnation catalytic converters that allow compliance with Euro 5 emissions standards.


90° Cylinders

On the Panigale V2 the engine acts as a stressed member of the frame. Set 90° apart, the cylinders are banked rearwards around the crankshaft axis, resulting in a 21° angle between front cylinder and horizontal plane. The two cylinder heads and aluminium top covers feature a ribbed design to reduce mechanical noise. The crankcases are vacuum die-cast using Vacural® technology to optimise weight saving and ensure consistent wall thickness and increased strength. Crankcase cover, clutch cover and sump are all made of die-cast aluminium.


The Superquadro engine uses brass bushings for the crankshaft, lubricated with pressurised oil via ducting inside the crankcase. This ensures efficient lubrication of the crankshaft and rapid oil recovery thanks to a lobe pump that - as on MotoGP racing engines - lowers the pressure in the connecting rod casing. Operated by a shaft, in turn driven by a gear train, the pump keeps the casing zone underneath the pistons in a controlled, constant low pressure state, thus reducing the resistance encountered by connecting rod rotation at high engine speeds and ensuring efficient oil recovery at all engine speeds.

The compression ratio is 12.5:1. The 955 cm³ displacement is obtained with a 60.8 mm stroke and 100 mm bore, measurements that flawlessly combine good handling and fluid power delivery. A 100 mm bore allows for large valve diameters: 41.8 mm for the intake and 34 mm for the exhaust. The valves are controlled by a Desmodromic system with racing-derived rocker arms, 'super-finished' and with a special DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) facing for reduced friction and increased fatigue strength.

Transmission features a six-speed gearbox with the Ducati Quick Shift up/down EVO 2 system and an oil bathed clutch. The latter has an anti-patter and progressive self-servo mechanism that compresses the friction plates when under drive from the engine without any extra effort required from the rider to release the clutch. 


Plus confortable et plus sûre

L'érgonomie de la nouvelle Panigale V2 a été retravaillée afin d'en améliorer le confort. La nouvelle selle apporte plus d'aisance au pilote et un plus grand confort grâce à une mousse plus épaisse de 5 mm. La position des repose-pieds reste la même.

Cadre monocoque

Le cadre de la Panigale V2 est constitué d'une structure monocoque compacte en aluminium à résistance accrue qui utilise le moteur Superquadro comme élément de résistance.

Attached directly to the cylinder heads, the monocoque frame protrudes forward to house the steering head bearings, contained in two aluminium bushes. In addition to working as a frame, the monocoque also acts as an air-box; it contains not just the air filter but also the throttle bodies and the fuel circuit, complete with injectors, and is sealed off by the steel fuel tank bottom.

La géométrie de l'avant a un angle d'inclinaison de 24° et une profondeur de 95 mm. At the rear, instead, the double-sided swingarm has been replaced with a sophisticated, fully die-cast aluminium single-sided swingarm. L'empattement est de 1 436 mm et la répartition du poids est de 52% à l'avant et 48% à l'arrière.


The Panigale V2 features the 43 mm Showa BPF fork at the front, which provide full adjustability in spring pre-load, compression and rebound damping. The Showa Big Piston Fork (BPF) considerably improves damping control at low speed, ensuring lower-pressure oil feed and reducing the amount of fluid needed for compression and rebound adjustment. This results in improved suspension performance and significant weight savings compared to traditional fork types. 

A Sachs steering damper completes the front-end package.The rear suspension features a fully adjustable, Sachs monoshock, which reacts to the motion imparted by the die-cast single-sided aluminium swingarm via progressive-rate linkage. The shock absorber is side mounted to make the unit fully accessible for rebound and compression damping and spring pre-load adjustments. 

The Panigale V2 has fork slide out by 2 mm and a new shock absorber 2 mm longer that together with the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II tires make the bike more intuitive, agile and fun to ride, moreover a fine-tuning of the suspension hydraulic setting improve comfort in road use. 

Jantes et pneus

La Panigale V2 est équipée de jantes à 5 bâtons de 3,5'' à l'avant et 5,5'' à l'arrière, sur lesquelles sont montés des pneus Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II : 120/70 ZR17 à l'avant et 180/60 x ZR17 à l'arrière. 

Pirelli's first multi-compound bike tyre, the Diablo Rosso Corsa II combines racetrack performance with road versatility, making it just perfect for the Panigale V2. Multi-compound technology was developed out of Pirelli's experience in the World Superbike Championship. The result: dual-compound front tyres, with three different application zones, and tri-compound rear tyres with five application zones to optimise the contact patch and achieve top road and track grip under all surface conditions, dry or wet, at any lean angle. 

A new tread pattern with a slick shoulder zone optimises the contact patch and ensures more even wear. Aspect ratio and structure are also racing-derived and designed to maximise cornering agility and 'feel'.


Le meilleur de la technologie et de l'électronique

The Panigale V2 features modern electronics based on a 6-axis inertial platform which instantly detects the bike's roll, yaw and pitch angles.

The new electronics package raises active safety and dynamic control standards by adding the cornering function to the ABS, upgrading the quickshift so it now covers down-changes and including traction control, engine brake control and wheelie control.

As you'd expect, all controls are incorporated in the three Riding Modes (Race, Sport, Street) and can be adjusted via the new 4.3" colour TFT dashboard. Featuring a user-friendly graphic interface browsing menus, adjusting settings and identifying the selected Riding Mode couldn't be easier.


Instrumentation on the Panigale V2 features a 4.3" TFT display. Graphics and interface make menu browsing and adjustments easy while allowing more immediate identification of the selected Riding Mode. The Riding Mode interface clearly and immediately shows any changes being made to the settings. This is done thanks to the explanatory graphics of the system being adjusted and a graduated scale indicating whether the modification is better suited to performance or safety/stability. 

Headlight, tail light and indicators

The front headlight assembly is extremely compact thanks to the adoption of two small LED low beam / high beam modules. The Daytime Running Light and the upper rim of the dual headlight assembly create a 'browed' look, the modern hallmark of Ducati sports bikes. At the rear, instead, the full-LED tail light features a two-part design as per Ducati sports tradition. The dual red arch of the side light makes the Panigale V2 both unique and assertive. Front and rear LED indicators complete the lighting system. 


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