Ducati Ever Red - Extended Warranty

Ever Red is the exclusive warranty extension programme launched in partnership with Corporate Warranties India, available across all Ducati dealerships in India. With Ever Red, you can extend the warranty coverage of your Ducati throughout the Ducati India network with unlimited mileage, by 24 months!

It’s the best way to look after your Ducati, keeping the motorcycle new for longer.

The Ever Red extended warranty offers you:

- Complete peace of mind

- Hassle-free ownership experience

- Prolonged product reliability

- Unlimited mileage

- Transferable

- Enhanced residual value

The Ever Red extended warranty is attributed to the motorcycle, not the owner. If the motorcycle changes hands, the remaining coverage will continue to be valid until the selected coverage period is over, maintaining the motorcycle’s value over time.

The Ever Red extended warranty can be activated when you purchase the motorcycle or during your ownership within the standard warranty period.

Activate the warranty extension now, focus on your destination and enjoy the ride. Speak to your nearest dealership for more.


- Delhi NCR, Ducati North Star Automotive – 70425 90515

- Mumbai, Ducati Infinity – 93219 00795

- Bengaluru, Ducati VST – 91089 51141

- Chennai, Ducati VST – 99405 06040

- Kolkata, Ducati Mohan Motor – 90078 92222

- Pune, Ducati Legacy Motors – 89568 06314

- Kochi, Ducati EVM – 85899 89939

- Ahmedabad, Ducati Motonova – 95127 00113

- Hyderabad, Ducati S&S – 98859 19090