The concept of Compliance includes all reasonable measures that form the basis of the responsible behaviour of the Company and therefore of all its members, in accordance with both the legal provisions that the Company is required to comply with and the internal rules that it decides to set for itself.

The Ducati Management Committee – which was appointed by the Ducati Board of Directors on 19 July 2012 and which is composed of the CEO and other top Ducati managers – established the "Ducati Compliance Team", responsible for overseeing compliance in the Ducati Group.

Ducati is committed to providing its employees with a range of training activities on compliance and related obligations during their daily work. Compliance training is carried out through courses periodically organised for all the employees, during which they are given the opportunity to refresh their knowledge of the principles according to which the Company has decided to base its actions, with the aim of reinforcing the culture of compliance with these principles, as well as the company's integrity. The main topics discussed, which together constitute the basis of the company's integrity, are the following: labour law (e.g. fair treatment, mobbing), health and safety at work, data protection, antitrust laws, anti-corruption (offering or accepting bribes), product safety and product liability, sponsorships and donations, taxes and duties, environmental protection, competition laws.

Ethical rules

The Ethical Rules are at the top of the hierarchical system of Ducati's company regulations. They define a framework of values that are functional to the responsible conduct of all employees, managers and members of the Ducati Management Committee. All other regulations must be in line with the Ethical Rules and may not conflict with them.

The Ethical Rules summarise Ducati's express recognition of the main international conventions on responsible business management and internationally recognised human rights. 

Responsibility as part of the community
  • Human rights
  • Equal opportunities and equal treatment
  • Product conformity and safety
  • Environmental protection
  • Donations, sponsorships and charities
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Representation of political interests    
Responsibility as a business partner
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Gifts, opportunities and invitations
  • Anti-corruption behaviour
  • Relations with officials and holders of elected office
  • Prohibition of money laundering and terrorist financing
  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Taxes and duties
  • Free and fair competition
  • Purchasing
  • Export control
  • Prohibition of disclosure of inside information    
Responsibility in the workplace
  • Occupational safety and health protection
  • Data protection
  • Security and protection of information, know-how and intellectual property
  • Information security
  • Use of company assets    

Ethical Rules and company regulations

See the full version of the Ethical Rules and other Ducati company regulations.

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