Unlimited kilometres Roadside Assistance coverage, pan-India!

The true pleasure of owning a Ducati is to be out there, riding off into the unknown, to be one with the open road. We understand that and to encourage our Ducatisti to ride harder and further, we’ve introduced the Roadside Assistance service with unlimited kilometres coverage which is valid all across India*!

Some highlights of this service include:

1. Breakdown assistance with motorcycle transfer to the nearest Ducati dealer*

2. Emergency Fuel delivery if vehicle runs of fuel in a 50km radius of a Ducati service centre*

3. Flat tyre support if vehicle is immobilized due to a puncture*

Contact your nearest Ducati dealership for more details:

Delhi NCR, Ducati North Star Automotive – 70425 90501

Mumbai, Ducati Infinity – 93219 00795

Bengaluru, Ducati VST – 91089 51141

Chennai, Ducati VST – 99405 06040

Kolkata, Ducati Mohan Motor – 90078 92222

Pune, Ducati Legacy Motors – 89568 06314

Kochi, Ducati EVM – 85899 89939

Ahmedabad, Ducati Motonova – 95127 00113

Hyderabad, Ducati S&S – 98859 19090

*Terms and Conditions apply