Iconic Italian-style motorcycles

The 1990s saw the beginning of a period marked by the end of political ideologies and a decisive technological acceleration in information technology and mobile telephony. It was the age of the Internet and globalisation, but also of a post-consumer society where goods not only satisfy needs, but also contribute to building the identity of those who buy them.

These emotional and symbolic aspects also emerged in the world of motorcycles to the detriment of mass production. The motorcycle increasingly became a premium object, full of passion, to be enjoyed during free time, not to mention a means of identity, a status symbol.

As a result, sophisticated technologies, style, and design - the cornerstones of Made in Italy - became more important. Art meets motorcycling, creating immortal icons like the Monster and Ducati 916.


Miguel Galluzzi

Miguel Angel Galluzzi always had in his blood a passion for engines as well as an almost visceral attraction for motorcycles. Monster, his most famous project, allowed him to enter the history of motorcycling in its own right. READ MORE

Massimo Tamburini

It is undeniable that the ingenious Tamburini broke all the mould of the time, by creating a bike that was influential for over a decade and whose line is still unparalleled today. READ MORE

Filippo Preziosi

One of the greatest engineers in the MotoGP paddock and one of the main factors in Ducati's racing success between 1994 and 2012. READ MORE

Raymond Roche

In his long career Roche has ridden a lot of bikes, but moving on to the Superbike he took a significant professional opportunity. READ MORE

Doug Polen

Doug Polen is remembered not only for his victories, but also for his spectacular riding style: he was in fact one of the first riders to drift with the bike leaning at high speed. READ MORE

Giancarlo Falappa

The motorcycling world has always had its heroes, namely riders who are remembered for their deeds or for their results. Giancarlo Falappa falls within this category for his tenacity in the race conduct that helped him to be one of the most combative riders of the World Superbike Championship. READ MORE

Carl Fogarty

One can't think about Superbike without evoking the exploits of "King" Carl Fogarty, the rider who won more titles and races than any other rider of the championship for racing bikes based on standard production models. READ MORE

Ben Bostrom

Ben Bostrom raced for the official Ducati team for three years between 2000 and 2002, leaving his mark thanks to his spectacular style of riding and his super easy, true American way of doing things. READ MORE

Troy Corser

Until 2023, he was the record holder of participation in a Superbike world championship race. READ MORE

The bikes that have made history

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