Ducati Smart Jacket

The airbag system located inside the gilet protects the back and chest, thanks to the patented bag with microfilaments which, when activated, allows a high level of impact absorption to be achieved compared to the applicable standards. It means having a protection equivalent to that of 7 back protectors, on a larger surface, without having the bulk*.

*Caution: before purchasing and using the D-Air® please read the instructions and warnings in the user manual carefully, the product's characteristics and performance may vary.

The airbag system installed into the vest protects the rider's back and vital organs thanks to a patented bag. The bag is made of microfilaments that ensure maximum shock absorption.

The protection afforded is equivalent to that of 7 back protectors. Moreover, it covers a larger area yet takes up less space than a back protector.

System technical specs

The control unit is equipped with 7 sensors monitoring and processing data 1,000 times per second.

The algorithm controls activation of the airbag in the event of a slide, fall, impact with an object or other vehicle, or rear-end collision (even in the event of an impact with a stationary vehicle, like when stopping at intersections).

The user interface consists of a multi-color LED located on the chest. The displayed colors are red, yellow, green and blue.


Before using the product, it must be registered and the system must be activated at the address

If you buy the Smart Jacket from a Ducati dealer, the dealer will take care of the registration

Without the activation and the registration, needed to notify any update, the system will not work.

  • 1) Download the app
  • 2) Connect the jacket
  • 3) Wear it and ride

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