35 kW

Complete titanium exhaust system.

For racing use only - The product marked with this symbol can only be used on competition vehicles. Use outside a competition track of motorcycles equipped with this product is prohibited by law. Verify any further restrictions with the relevant race course. Motorcycles equipped with this accessory are prohibited from operating on public roads. This product is intended for vehicles used only in closed-course competition. Operation on public roads is prohibited by law. This accessory is not approved for road circulation

From the manufacturing expertise of Akrapovič, the most advanced complete racing system available on the market, developed by Ducati Corse technici...

From the manufacturing expertise of Akrapovič, the most advanced complete racing system available on the market, developed by Ducati Corse technicians based on the exhaust mounted on the Panigale V4 R bikes ridden in the World Superbike Championship. Each part of this system is made from a special titanium alloy ensuring not only considerably lower weight, but also great resistance to the high temperatures that can be reached. The exhaust system significantly improves the already high weight/power ratio of the Panigale V4 bike. Equipped with a racing-derived polyester air filter that, besides being more permeable, guarantees excellent filtering power and easy maintenance. Top performance not just thanks to the racing materials but also the map supplied, which adapts all the parameters of DTC - DWC - DPL and Slide on demand to the bike's new performance. The racing exhaust system enhances the unmistakable look of the Panigale V4, giving it an additional touch of aggressiveness. A true race-replica also for the typical sound.

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Match part no. 96481631A with part numbers 96481381A, 96481381B, 96481382B, 96481382C, 96481383C to keep noise within the limits set to 107 dB, for use on track. Part number 96481384C and following part numbers already comply with noise limits, therefore they do not need part no. 96481631A.
Code 96481386C
€ 5.010,85
Product Details
Weight reduction [kg]
  • 6.0
Max. Power [hp]
  • +6% (V4; V4S; V4S CORSE; 25° ANNIVERSARIO 916); +7% (V4R)
Power at medium rpm [hp]
  • +6%
Max. Torque [Nm]
  • +6% (V4; V4S; V4S CORSE; 25° ANNIVERSARIO 916); +6% (V4R)
Torque at medium rpm [Nm]
  • +6%
  • To be assembled together with part no. 97180653AA (V4, V4S), 97180653AB (V4R), 97180653AC (V4S CORSE), 97180653AD (25° ANNIVERSARIO 916), 97180653AE (V4 SP).
Ducati corse
Accessory realized in cooperation with Ducati Corse

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