App Ducati Link

Your bike, your trips, your emotions.
Now available for Multistrada 1200, Multistrada 1260
and for the new Multistrada 950, Multistrada 1260 Enduro
and Diavel 1260.

Enjoy every moment of the journey

Those who ride a Ducati know: it’s not the destination that counts, but the journey. Whatever your destination, you can enjoy your bike’s technology, performance and comfort in any condition. And let yourself be carried away by the route, as you boldly take on every turn. With the new Ducati Link app, every trip becomes a memory to share and relive whenever you want!

The app is available for all riders. Connection with the bike and data exchange is available for Multistrada 1260, 1260 S, 1260 S D | Air, 1260 Pikes Peak, now available also for Multistrada 1200, 1200 S, 1200 Enduro, 1200 S D-Air, 1200 Pikes Peak, for the new Multistrada 950, 950 S, Multistrada 1260 Enduro, Diavel 1260, Diavel 1260 S.

Access the Ducati Link App

If you already have a MyDucati account, you can access the app using those details. Otherwise, register and create your account right now. You can access the app and your profile via the Ducati site too, using the same credentials, so that you can add and manage your personal data and be kept informed with all the news direct from Borgo Panigale.

Stay connected

Thanks to Ducati Multimedia System technology, you can connect your smartphone to the bike. Available as standard on the Multistrada 1200 S, 1200 Enduro, 1200 S D-Air, 1200 Pikes Peak, 1260 S, D|Air, 1260 Pikes Peak and as an accessory with the Multistrada 1200, 1260, 950, 950 S, 1260 Enduro and the new Diavel 1260, Diavel 1260 S, it allows you to use your smartphone’s basic functions (calls, SMS notifications and Media Player) and connect the app to the bike’s control unit to record data and configure your bike parameters.

Share your passion and be inspired

Passion is contagious! Live your adventures to the full, discover and record new itineraries, share them with other like-minded individuals and be inspired. Add images, descriptions and comments to enrich your travels and inspire the community.

Get connected Become part of a community of like-minded souls who love to travel on two-wheels towards new paths and together with new friends. Widen your network as well as your travel horizons!
Create your events Thanks to the new Ducati Link app, you can organize rallies and tours, and share them with the community of enthusiasts.
Your adventures in a post Share your activities and your travel diaries on social networks. Cross borders and tell everyone about your adventures!