Ducati Cares: let's get the emotions going again

Safety first of all, but also the desire to resume everyday life and to be able to return to the emotions and freedom that the bike can offer.

Since May 4, the Ducati network has been open and thanks to the Ducati Cares programme, every Ducatista can feel serene in returning to visit their trusted dealer. 

Ducati offers its customers extended warranty

  • Now that the dealers are open, the "Ducati Cares" programme continues, dedicated to the needs of Ducatisti and to reduce any inconveniences related to the mobility restrictions caused by Covid-19.
  • Ducati extends the warranty by three months free of charge for both new motorcycles and motorcycles with the Factory Ever Red warranty extension.

Borgo Panigale, Bologna, May 20, 2020 - Ducati dealers are open and ready to welcome fans. It is possible to go to your trusted dealer for the purchase of a new or used motorcycle and for maintenance and repairs.

After the presentation of "Ducati Cares", the program that contains the guidelines to welcome Ducatisti to official dealers, Ducati has decided to extend the warranty for three months on both new motorcycles and those with the "Factory Ever Red" warranty extension.

All owners of a Ducati, whose warranty ends between 1 March 2020 and 31 May 2020, can obtain a free three-month extension of coverage. In addition, for those who have been unable to carry out maintenance due to mobility restrictions, it is possible to have maintenance carried out before 31 July 2020 without affecting the validity of the warranty.

On-line services

You can buy a Ducati branded apparel directly online in the online shop,
configure the Ducati of your dreams or buy an E-Bikes powered by Thok

Take care of your bike with original Ducati spare parts and accessories

Your Ducati is much more than a bike, so we recommend that you take care of it with original Ducati parts and accessories during this period. 

Protect it from dust and moisture with the bike cover, use the rear stand to preserve the rubber and the Ducati Battery Charger to maintain the battery charge.  

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