35 checks to be executed. Selected motorcycles, certified by qualified technicians. Warranty repairs using only genuine Ducati spare parts. Roadside assistance throughout Europe. A 12 or 24 month warranty, transferable when selling the motorcycle. No mileage limit during the warranty period. The Ducati Approved Certified Pre-owned program allows you to enter the Ducati world while relying on quality, only having to worry about how to best enjoy your new motorcycle. Only the best Pre-owned bikes can start a new beginning. Without precedents.  

We put our signature on every Ducati Approved motorcycle

Only motorcycles less than 6 years old and with a mileage of less than 50,000 km can become a Ducati Approved certified Pre-owned bike. In order to become certified, each motorcycle must pass 35 technical checks carried out by qualified Ducati Service technicians.

Protection against unexpected events.

When choosing a Ducati Approved motorcycle, you choose the certainty of having Ducati at your side. The insurance policy included in the program covers the bike for 12 or 24 months. Costs of spare parts and labour will be covered by your Dealer. Only when your bike exceeds a total mileage of 50,000 km the costs related to spare parts will be refunded partially, in proportion to the mileage at the time of the breakdown.

Protection that continues over time. 

A Ducati Approved Pre-owned motorcycle does not fear time: we are ready to guarantee it for another 12 months, under the same conditions and with the same level of coverage, with Ducati Approved Plus 12. The warranty extension can be requested before the expiration date of a Ducati Approved Warranty on every Ducati Approved bike having less than 5 years from the first date of registration and with a mileage below 60,000 kilometres. 

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