The first temporary exhibit at the Ducati Museum until 15 September

The Desmo Twin Cylinders of the Young Hailwood" at the Ducati Museum

The Ducati Museum, renovated in 2016 for the company's 90th anniversary, will host its first temporary exhibit until 15 September 2018.

The exhibition brings together three racing bikes made between 1958 and 1960 by the unforgettable Fabio Taglioni, which in the early years were in part associated with of one of the most famous motorcycle riders in the world: Mike Hailwood.

"The Desmo Twin Cylinders of the Young Hailwood" is just the first of many topical exhibits that the Ducati Museum will present in one of its halls. 

The Desmo Twin Cylinders - 125, 250 and 350 cc - represent one of the most fervid creative moments of Taglioni, the engineer from Romagna who, at the specific request of Mike's father, designed these bikes that accompanied the popular rider on his first triumphs.

Now, almost 60 years later, the very rare motorcycles are finally gathered in this exhibition, which is an integral part of the celebrations dedicated to the 40th anniversary of "Mike the Bike" at the 1978 Tourist Trophy.

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