Design students create the Ducati Scrambler of the future

The creative path started in March for the two design schools that Ducati involved in the “Scrambler Contest”, a creative brief to imagine and design the Ducati Scrambler of the future, has come to an end.

The challenge, launched by Ducati to students of IAAD and SPD in Milan, saw them work divided into groups on a project whose main guideline was the ability to think outside the box. In fact, the request was very simple: to free creativity and channel it towards the formulation of a Ducati Scrambler-brand vehicle, taking into consideration the constantly evolving trends in the world of design, technology and two wheels, without losing sight of the essence and the core values ​​of the “Land of Joy”.

In all, 19 projects were presented representing different interpretations of Ducati Scrambler vehicles of the future. The participants, best embracing the creative nature of the brief, presented a number of very different designs, with motorcycles - electric and non-electric - but also e-bikes, jet skis, snowmobiles, dune buggies and scooters.

Among all the presentations received, Ducati selected a winning group whose work achieved the unanimous approval of all the judges in the contest. The panel of judges was made up of the Director of the Ducati Style Centre Andrea Ferraresi, the Ducati Scrambler Brand Director Claudio De Angeli, the Brand Design Manager Enrico Peroni, as well as all the Ducati designers.

The final result rewarded six students from IAAD and their “Scrambler E-MX” project, which impressed the panel for its originality. With the idea of ​​the "Scrambler E-MX", the aspiring designers imagined an electric scooter with a modern design, powered by two customizable, easily rechargeable and removable batteries, so that it can be shared with friends in case of need. In addition, the project provides for the integration of a mobile app that allows you to lock and unlock the scooter, keep a record of its data and track its position.

The winning group was invited to Borgo Panigale, where the students received their award, visited the Ducati Museum and the Centro Stile, the place where Ducati bikes are created and come to life.