Biomonitoring with bees

Ducati has always been attentive to controlling its impact on the environment. With a view to solidifying this commitment, in recent years, in partnership with the Faculty of Veterinary Science of the University of Teramo, it launched an environmental monitoring plan that uses bees as bioindicators to protect biodiversity. The goals of this project are:

  1. Check for the presence of sources of pollution in the environment surrounding the hive by investigating an area within a 3 km radius. 
  2. Check if Ducati's production is a source of potential pollution for bioindicators like bees. 

Below are Ducati's primary biomonitoring figures:

  • 5 hives introduced in Ducati
  • 40 kg of honey produced in 2023
  • 278 the potential pollutants analyzed (heavy metals, furans and dioxins, pesticides, anions)
  • 2016 the year that biomonitoring with bees began
  • 200,000 bees on average in Ducati hives
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