Water consumption in DMH

Ducati is committed to reducing its water footprint, that is the total annual volume of water used for its production processes, services and activities. For this reason, some measures have been put in place aimed at the reuse of water and a more efficient use of water resources; such as the use of a membrane system that allows the replenishment of purified water within the production cycle.

Another project to reduce Ducati's water footprint was developed for the company canteen activities through the SU-EATABLE LIFE.

The results obtained are evaluated annually with a KPI, parameterized on the number of motorcycles produced in the year:

  • Fresh water quantity [m3/motorbikes], understood as the use of industrial and drinking water 

The comparison between the data for 2020 and 2021 shows a positive trend and therefore a reduction in the value of the KPIs.

2021 vs 2020



Fresh water quantity [m3/motorbikes]




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