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I cannot connect my motorbike

Ducati Link can be used with any motorbike, Ducati and other brand motorbikes. In the case of Ducati motorbikes equipped with Ducati Multimedia System (DMS), it is possible to connect the app to the motorbike and record the data coming directly from the motorbike control unit on the telephone. If DMS is not present, it is possible to detect less data (speed, travelling time and travelled km) through the GPS of the smartphone and there could be discontinuities in the recording (linked to smartphone performance and GPS accuracy).

The Ducati models currently compatible for connection with Ducati Link are the following:

  • Multistrada 1200 family (MY 2015-2017)*:
    • Multistrada 1200 
    • Multistrada 1200 Pikes Peak
    • Multistrada 1200 D|Air
    • Multistrada 950 (Model Year 2016-2018)
    • Multistrada 1200 Enduro (Model Year 2016-2018)
  • Multistrada 1260 family (MY 2019):
    • Multistrada 1260 (DMS not as standard equipment)
    • Multistrada 1260 S (DMS as standard equipment)
    • Multistrada 1260 S D|Air (DSM as standard equipment)
    • Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak (DMS as standard equipment).
    • Multistrada 1260 Enduro (DMS as standard equipment)
  • Multistrada 950 family (MY 2019):
    • Multistrada 950 (DMS not as standard equipment)
    • Multistrada 950 S (DMS not as standard equipment)
  • Diavel family (MY 2019):
    • Diavel 1260 (DMS not as standard equipment)
    • Diavel 1260 S (DMS as standard equipment)

*“Parameter modification” function, info and Service notifications not available.

Presetting for connection with other models available in the future.

In case of connection problems with a compatible motorbike equipped with DMS:

- Check that the Bluetooth signal is correctly activated on the smartphone and that the phone is visible

- In case of Android Operating System: Make sure the basic smartphone-motorbike pairing has been carried out correctly following the guided procedure accessible from the menu You > Motorbike > Add motorbike

- In case of iOS operating system check that the iOS version is updated to the latest version available and your device is compatible with BT 4.0

- Try turning off and on the motorbike panel and/or closing and reopening the application

- In case of Ducati models before 2018 check that the Bluetooth control unit software of the motorbike is the latest one available and, if this is not the case, have it updated by your dealer

Connection is lost and data recording fails

It is recommended to keep the phone in the front side of the motorbike (in a bag, pocket) avoiding to leave it in backpacks or pockets that are not at the front or far from the instrument panel

I have troubles when using the music player and the app at the same time

It is strongly recommended not to use the application and a music player at the same time with iOS operating system as this may lead to problems with the operation of the apps.

Edit Parameters

I cannot display / use the Parameter Modification function

On some models (see list of compatible models) it is not possible to use the parameter modification function as the software version of the instrument panel does not support this function.

In case of models compatible with the function, ask your dealer to check the software version and update it to the latest release. This operation is quick and free of charge. y.

Route recording

Route recording stops during the journey

It is recommended to keep the phone in the front side of the motorbike (in a bag, pocket) avoiding to leave it in backpacks or pockets that are not at the front or far from the instrument panel.

Make sure you do not have too many applications open at the same time. Sometimes, too many open applications may slow down the operating system resulting in the sudden closing of the App.

The GPS track is not precise, how can I improve it?

Check in the phone settings that no battery energy-saving apps, which could inhibit the operation of the GPS, or smartphone energy-saving settings are active.

I cannot display the graphics of the map correctly

Check that any system zoom options have been disabled and to have a good internet connection.

The phone is in the correct position but it does not record the travelling data

With iOS operating system, make sure you are not using a music player and the application at the same time, in order to prevent any travelling data recording issue.

Can I transfer/recover public or private routes from an account to another?

It is not possible to recover/transfer routes from an account to another or from previous versions of the app.

I have reinstalled the app or I have changed smartphone, how can I recover the recorded routes?

- If you have uninstalled and then reinstalled the app on the same smartphone, after logging in with the MyDucati credentials of the account with which they were recorded, it is possible to recover the previously recorded routes. It is recommended not to logout after completing the recording of a route since this may cause problems in the route synchronisation process, which requires a few minutes.

- If you have changed phone, after logging in with your MyDucati credentials, you will be able to recover the previously recorded routes.

Application languages

The application is available in Italian and English. New languages will be added in the future.

Login and Registration

To access and use the App, a MyDucati account is required: 

• It is possible to create the account after downloading and opening the app or to use an already existing one. 

• In any case, it is possible to create a MyDucati account even by registering via the Web site www.ducati.com

General information

How can I delete the Motorbike?

Access the motorbike detail page and use the specific function.