FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


I can not connect my bike

Ducati Link can be used with all bikes, Ducati and non Ducati. In case of Ducati motorcycles equipped with Ducati Multimedia System (DMS) it is possible to connect the app to the bike and read the data directly from the control unit. In the absence of the DMS it is possible to track a smaller set of data (speed, riding time and kilometers traveled) through the GPS of the smartphone and may present discontinuity in the recording (linked to smartphone performance and GPS accuracy).

The Ducati models currently compatible for connection with Ducati Link are:

- Multistrada 1260 (DMS not standard)

- Multistrada 1260 S (standard DMS)

- Multistrada 1260 S D | Air (standard DMS)

- Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak (standard DMS).

Connection with other models will be available in the future.

In case of difficulty in connection with a compatible motorcycle equipped with DMS:

- Check that the Bluetooth signal is correctly activated on the smartphone and the phone is in 'visible' status

- With Android operating system: check having correctly paired smartophone and bike following the guided procedure accessible in the section You > Bike> Add bike

- In case of iOS operating system: check that the iOS version is updated to the latest available and that your device is compatible with BT 4.0

- Try to switch key off and on again and / or close and re-open the application

The connection falls and I lose data recording

Keep the phone on the front of the bike (in a bag, in your pocket) avoid putting it in your backpack or in pockets not frontal or far from the dashboard

Edit Parameters

The Edit Parameters function can not be used

- To use the Bike setting function it is necessary to update the Software version of the dashboard. This is a quick and free operation. Contact your dealer immediately.

Itinerary registration

The itinerary recording stops during the trip

Keep the phone on the front of the bike (in a bag, in your pocket) avoid putting it in your backpack or in non-front pockets or away from the dashboard and check that you have not opened too many applications at the same time. Sometimes too many open applications cause the operating system to slow down and the App to close unexpectedly.

The GPS track is not precise, how can I improve it?

Check that you do not have any energy saving apps that could inhibit GPS operation or smartphones' power-saving settings

I can not display the map graphics correctly

Check that you have deactivated any system zoom