Evolution of the XDiavel

At the beginning of the XDiavel project, the Ducati Design Center was asked to design a bike which would be the evolution of the Diavel concept within the Cruiser world: low, long, forward footpegs and belt drive. However, at the same time, the bike had to have the unmistakeable Ducati look.

A request which was complex, difficult but at the same time, highly motivating. And as Andrea Ferraresi, head of the Design Center in Borgo Panigale tells us, the challenge was accepted and overcome. Extreme in its proportions, the XDiavel was specifically designed "element by element".

The frame, short and modern, is immediately recognisable as the classic Ducati Trellis frame. The drop-shape tank is reminder of the Cruiser world but maintains the DNA of the Monster and Diavel. The headlight is a modern reinterpretation of that of the naked Ducati. The same is true of the tail piece, muffler and seat: lots of independent elements which breathe life into a harmonious and balanced assembly.

And then there is the engine. As the absolute protagonist, no detail was left to chance. The objective was to let the V of the two cylinders be the showcase, letting everything else take the backstage.

And finally, to complete this long and complex task, the decision was made to characterise the entire XDiavel range with just one colour: Black. The colour that highlights shapes and can be expressed in all of its variants, opaque or gloss, whichever.

“Designing such a special bike required a very particular process.
Furthermore, the classic competition between designers, to choose the best idea, could not merely be the result of sketches and part models, but it had to culminate in two real concept bikes. Right from the first drawings,- Andrea explains - the bike was set to be long, low, muscular, with modern shapes and advanced technological components, but above all, it had to be sexy. A real Ducati Technocruiser.” Andrea Ferraresi, Ducati Design Director