Ducati Corse Carbon 2

Manufactured by Arai and decorated by hand by skilled craftsmen, the Ducati Corse Carbon 2 helmet is the top accessory for the Ducatista who loves sporty rides. The outer shell, derived from the RX-7V RC model, is made of aviation carbon fiber hardened with a special resin that offers great durability. Wide visual field to facilitate steering at all angles, mechanism for opening the visor borrowed from the automotive sector, optimized ventilation for maximum stability and efficiency at high speeds, and detachable inner liner in high-quality hypoallergenic fabric are just some of the characteristics of this top-of-the-range helmet.


If you've seen the specs you already know that this is a pretty special helmet. What's missing? Your personal touch. Ducati and Arai offer you the chance to make your Ducati Corse Carbon 2 helmet unique thanks to a customisation process carried out at the same time as production in Japan, guaranteeing a truly exclusive, high quality final result.

A tailored top
No decals attached at the last minute, but rather a customisation process that starts with production and the application of your logo in transparency before lacquering. A system that ensures a lasting result for a helmet of the highest quality, making it even more exclusive. You can customise your Ducati Corse Carbon 2 helmet with a text or an image that will be applied to the nape of the neck, to be specified when ordering. Each helmet will be managed individually to ensure prompt, efficient service. Before proceeding with the finishing, we'll send you a sketch for your final approval. And those who buy it will receive a Ducati helmet bag for free.


Composed of a mixture of carbon fibre and aeronautical resin, the outer shell is reinforced with Zylon, a material also used in aerospace technology for its high strength and excellent thermal stability. This particular process is done by hand and requires a whole day's work by qualified specialists.

New level of protection
Imagine the stresses that an aircraft must endure. To withstand atmospheric pressure, ice and weather, Boeing fuselages are reinforced with a special blend of carbon fibre and resin, the same used to make the Carbon 2 shell. To complete the exterior reinforcement Zylon is then applied, a fibre with high tensile strength and resistance to temperatures above 500 degrees Celsius. Internally the shell is made from a band of super strong fibre tape that disperses energy loads along the lateral surface. In the front, the band increases the shell's strength without adding thickness or weight, and allows the use of a thinner EPS coating that improves the upper field of view. The final result is a shell with an exclusive technology that requires careful and long processing by specialised craftsmen.


The VAS V Max Vision visor guarantees excellent visibility in every season and with all types of riding. It protects against wind, rain and insects without altering the view and perception of light and colour, ensuring greater safety while riding. It is supplied with a transparent anti-fog Pinlock insert to be installed as needed.

Focus on safety
When riding it's always important to have excellent visibility, no matter the weather conditions. The VAS V Max Vision visor offers an ideal solution thanks to its Pro Shade System, which ensures excellent visibility even with sun glare, fog or humidity. When the sun visor is in the lowered position it performs an anti-glare function, while a simple movement of the hand is enough to raise it and switch to clearer vision, suitable for night conditions or limited light.


The inside of the Carbon 2 is made of removable, antimicrobial Dry-Cool fabric. The environment created helps to maintain neutral acidity levels, similar to those of the human skin and to those that would be obtained with antibacterial agents. The inner support has a cushion with a pocket for earphones and a removable 5 mm layer for those who want more space.

Riding habitat
Both protection and comfort. The interior of the Carbon 2 will surprise you with its extreme softness and excellent fit: easy to put on and take off, the inner support in Dry-Cool fabric is designed to be removed at any time and to ensure a healthy, comfortable environment even for prolonged rides. In the lower area the space has been expanded to facilitate a feeling of increased freedom, while the new emergency release tab is positioned at the end of the strap to simplify first aid.

Ventilation system

The ventilation system of the Carbon 2 is designed to allow an optimised air flow to ensure maximum lucidity and safety. Aerodynamic diffusers and the Air Wing provide better stability, while intake vents allow you to choose between three levels of adjustment and help with overall environmental control by reducing wind noise and water infiltration.

Human design
Always keep the interior environment well oxygenated without affecting the helmet's aerodynamic qualities. The mission of the Carbon 2's ventilation system is achieved thanks to improved stability due to the positioning of the aerodynamic diffusers and the air wing on the shell, as well as the adjustable air intakes that can be set in three different positions: closed, semi-open and fully open. The design guarantees refined aerodynamics that allows an improvement in performance, greater interior comfort and an air flow that is always optimised for different riding needs.

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