Italian Extraordinary Journeys

The Multistrada 950 is the ideal bike for living every day the beauty of a journey and for discovering places that tell of you.

The Multistrada 950 is the ideal bike for this kind of experience, in the heart of Italy as in any place in the world. With its four available Riding Modes, you can face any kind of ground at the best, in a perfect Ducati style.
The Touring Riding Mode is the perfect setting for a ride with a mountain destination, and winding roads and snowy peaks as your target. Bormio’s landscape welcomes you from rock tunnels, wooden doors ajar and small villages perched above rocks. When you are on the saddle, stability is all and comfort must be complete. A bend, then another one and one more again: thanks to the multi-level settings of Bosch ABS and Ducati Traction Control, the Multistrada 950 provides you with an incredibly easy driving. As you get to the top you feel the cold, in the air and in your breathing, but wearing the Warm Up thermal vest you stay warm and protected at any speed.
From mountains to hills – you’re welcome to Perugia, driven by the Sport Riding Mode that enhances a fluid and winding ride, supported by a reactive chassis under every conditions. Past the city, a look beyond the curve, there is the first straight stretch: the Multistrada 950 satisfies even the most demanding palates as to stability and acceleration. One more hairpin bend and down there you make out a small village, half hidden by the jealousy of time: here the speed slows down, while you nimbly master narrow and uneven lanes thanks to the precision of adjustable suspensions. Out of the built-up area, it is time for the Enduro Riding Mode. With just a finger’s motion the Multistrada 950 is ready for a new adventure where potholes, dirt roads and cobblestones will be your fun. You whizz along the road playing with the wind, protected by the Strada C3 outfit that assures you total comfort, also in case of rain.
Leaving the dust behind, you come back to the urban world. The blue of the sea opens Genoa’s doors to you. There the Urban Riding Mode meets its match. You move in all safety between squares, lanes and monuments because the Multistrada 950 is perfect also for low-speed manoeuvring. All is within your wheels’ reach, including the coastline that smells of saltiness, where you can stop for a pause, re-charge your smartphone with the built-in USB socket and enjoy the dainties of the land.
Now everything will appear clearer: no destination is far away if you know how to face it. Mount on the Multistrada 950 and live personally your Italian Extraordinary Journey.