The first twenty five years of Monster

The first twenty five years of a bike that has made history, celebrated and narrated by those who have accompanied it on its journey from the very start. Right from its birth the Monster represented a genuine turning point for Ducati and for motorcycling: a sports bike unique in its class, agile and high performing, with a high riding position, and most of all, without fairings.
A bike capable of creating a completely new sector out of nothing, the “naked sport” bike, and drawing together a great army of fans. Since the day of its presentation, 2 October 1992 at the Cologne Motorcycle Show, 320,000 Monsters have carved the roads all over the world generating a truly unique community of fans, infatuated with their bikes and aware of being part of a huge family. A community that, on the occasion of the release of the new Monster 821, were called together to talk about their passion. That of being Monsteristi. “The Monster has always been part of my life: changing together with me, growing with me. It is simply the best bike that I could possibly want”. Marco, Monsterista. “Being a Monsterista is very different from being a normal biker. The Monster is a choice, an unusual way of living and travelling that makes you feel special and ready to face any road, beyond all your expectations”. Antonio, Monsterista. “The Monster is a passion that kindled when I was a little girl. I had various bikes over the years but I have always dreamed of owning one: my own Monster. And now that it is part of me I will never leave it again.” Maddalena, Monsterista. “My Monster 600 Dark has been with me since 1998. Since then, every time I start up the twin-cylinder engine and get on the saddle brings an emotion that can’t be put into words”. Adriano, Monsterista. “Hearing the symphony of the engine, experiencing the beauty of nature along the road and dialoguing alone with my thoughts: this is the way that my Monster and I live our adventures together, regardless of the destination.” Daniel, Monsterista. “Arrived at North Cape. Me and my Monster”. Federico, Monsterista. These are just a few of the #welovemonster stories narrated to us by the Monster Community. They are tales of unforgettable journeys and devotion to a travel companion and unique bike that has always remained faithful to itself. The stories recount intense emotions, pure and essential because they talk about Monsters, which is precisely what makes them so good.