How It's Made - the process

Side Panniers

From the first sketches to the finished object, it can take 12 months of hard work to obtain a new Ducati Performance side pannier.

A process that is a journey in itself! Discover all the passion for quality, design and functionality that inspired the perfect travelling accessory.

The next step is 3D printing and full prototyping. The prototype is then mounted on the bike to assess volumes, fastening systems and aesthetic aspects.

This is when the intense testing phase starts. 

Waterproof test

The waterproof test artificially recreates the action of violent storms in the so-called rain chamber in order to certify that there is no water entering the pannier in any weather conditions.

Vibrating bench

A special vibrating bench is then used to test the behaviour of the pannier in prolonged conditions of strong vibrations, like on the cobblestone road of an Italian city or on a very uneven dirt road.

Colour Test

The resistance of the colours, materials and finishes is also assessed, simulating the panniers’ exposure to the intense Florida sun for many weeks.

The production phase of the panniers, where the supplier provides its fundamental know-how, can take several months to complete. Consider that just the production of a single steel mould using numerical control milling cutters (for each pannier several are required) can take several months.

Once the moulds have been completed the actual production can start, the output being constantly monitored through inspections of the quality of individual parts.

After the final finishing touches, graphics and logos, the pannier is ready for distribution to the Ducati Dealers.

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