Room 1

Ducati Workshop

The first room reproduces the characteristic environment of a Ducati Service workshop. Inside there are four interactive stations that allow you to introduce step by step in a simple and intuitive basic concepts of Physics, such as force, torque, friction, momentum and angular momentum.

From this first room the guiding thread of the teaching approach of the laboratory shines through: stimulating curiosity and questions, not transmitting pre-packaged answers, allowing experience, observation and reflection to lead to the formalization of the explanation of the phenomena under examination.

The 4 stations:

It is the moment!

In this position it is possible to use hammers of different material and mass to hit a load cell: which factors will determine the intensity of the force and its temporal course during the impact?

This station also presents an experiment dedicated to the moment of a force. Two people, on opposite sides from the center, try to turn a dumbbell towards you: who will be able to turn it over to their side? What factors should we take into account to guess the winner?

Engine Assembly Line

What is the friction for? How does it work? How is the famous Ducati dry clutch made? Disassembling and reassembling a true clutch, all the secrets are discovered.

Pit Stop

What allows the wheel to rotate around its pin with the lowest friction possible? A pit stop leads us to discover the friction, its types and its effects.


In every Ducati a Desmodromic heart beats, but what exactly is the desmo distribution system? What are the differences with the traditional distribution system? On the dedicated stations you can discover the secrets of Ducati engine valves.