Ducati China Panigale Cup kicks-off a successful first stop

The season is officially opened for the first Ducati China Panigale Cup.

Fifteen Ducati customers became professional riders for one day, challenging themselves on a fully-racing equipped 959 Panigale with dedicated livery. 

Race 1 started with rainy weather so all the bikes were equipped with wet tires. Race 2 also experienced a variable weather and a light wet track, which lead to 4 tires changing during the same day.

The combined results of the two races saw Mr. Ye Jiayu leading the standing with 50 points, followed by Ms. Jia Tianshuang – unique woman to ride the Ducati series – and Mr. Ni Chaoqun from the newly open dealership Xiamen.

The first Ducati one-make competition was held at Zhuhai International Circuit, during well-known automotive races as F4 China Championship and Audi R8 LMS Cup. Together with Audi, cross collaborations as pit-walks and shared hospitality have been coordinated to offer to all the guests an even more comprehensive and premium racing experience.

Together with Ducati China, Ranking Racing Motorsport Department (Tianjin) Co., Ltd is organizing the yearly Ducati China Panigale Cup, which aims a long term plan to open to professional Chinese teams and Asian stops during the next seasons. The official partners, Pirelli, Suomy and Akrapovic contributed to complete the professional asset that accompany the riders in their racing journey.

Ye Jiayu – Winner for DCPC first stop

“I can’t tell you how happy I’m now, I’m very honored to be working with Ducati and win the title in the first race of DCPC Zhuhai”

 Fabrizio Cazzoli – General Manager Ducati China 

“We couldn’t have a better start for the first DCPC. Conditions were challenging to push all the participants to unleash their fighting soul to an epic ending of an exciting weekend. And we are just at the beginning! The biggest reward for the organization is to see the smiles and the comrade atmosphere between the riders. Friends in the pits, fighters on the track, in true Ducati spirits. We couldn’t have asked for more!“

Simon Kwan – DCPC Race Director

“It is not an easy weekend for the first ever DCPC race. The weather was not very consistent in the last 3 days. The sessions were mixed with different conditions either in wet, dry or intermediate. But I am very proud of our riders who perform super well and also made some wonderful racing in both race 1 and 2. They did a great job!!! I hope to see better performance from them in the next round of DCPC in June.”