Ducati confirms its commitment to promoting diversity to foster an increasingly inclusive workplace

In May, the European Union celebrates the Diversity Month with the aim of raising community awareness on the importance of diversity and inclusion.

At Ducati, the work environment is increasingly enriched by women and men of different generations, each with their own background, talent, origin, sexual and religious orientation, who all together contribute to creating an innovative, dynamic and productive context.

As a result the "Diversity & Inclusion" path has been defined which, by placing people at the centre, values gender parity and equal treatment, emphasizes language and inclusive actions and enhances diversity as a strategic lever and a real opportunity.

Confirming its commitment to promoting diversity and heterogeneity and creating an inclusive professional environment, Ducati began by involving all members of the Board of Management and company executives with a course entitled "Unconscious bias training", and then extend it to all employees.

Activities related to achieving equal opportunities for factory workers and office employees are also included in the “Diversity & Inclusion” process. Thanks to the Ducati Employees App, all employees can receive information and news directly on their mobile phones. Furthermore, with the Ducati Digital Academy e-learning platform, training is open to the entire company workforce.

“At Ducati we believe that diversity is an important requirement for competitiveness and business success. Creating an environment that fosters freedom of expression for people improves the daily life of each employee, sets an important example and is enriching for the entire company," said Sebastian Patta, Ducati Human Resources Director. "The path we have decided to take at Ducati is that of training, which is why we wanted to make the course on unconscious prejudices available to everyone, aimed at highlighting behavioural models that are not congruent with the current reality".

In Ducati, as in all the companies of the Volkswagen Group, the figures of Diversity Manager and Diversity Officer, who work in the Personnel and Organization department, have been identified; they have the aim of ensuring the development of the company's "Diversity & Inclusion" path.