Jade Dragon Snow Mountain hosts the Multistrada 950 China launch

At the edge of the Golden Autumn in Lijiang, Ducati released the Multistrada 950 Family into the China market.

The event’s topic is “Your Extraordinary Journey” and the purpose is to live the fascinating local Nangxi culture during a journey on the Multistrada. About 70 participants, between Medias, Desmo Owners Club Presidents and Ducati dealers attended the experience.

After having experienced various ethnic handcraft products such as Naxi embroidery, Dongba symbols and the handdrums, the Multistrada 950 was unveiled at the foot of Jade Snow Mountain ( 3.050 meters above the sea level) during the presentation dinner.

The following day, a 200 kms test ride brought the riders along the famous mountain valley in Lijiang. Beppe Gualini, several times Dakar rider and Head of DRE Enduro Academy, led the way for all the riders. Through some different kind of riding conditions, (fast ride on the asphalt, mountain roads and light off-roads, too) they had the chance to test the versatility of this model.

“Multistrada 950 family has a great potential in China. Its lightness, easy-to-use yet top performance features make it the perfect bike both for new riders, who are looking for a comfort and non-intimidating riding experience, and for expert riders who wants to push its technology and performance to an all-round usage” said Fabrizio Cazzoli, GM of Ducati China. “The electronic package offered on the new Multistrada 950 Family is unbeatable: the Cornering ABS, the Vehicle Hold Control (VHC), the Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) are all additions that offer the smoothest and safest riding performance”. 

The package is supplemented with an improved lightweight of 204 kg, a comfortable low seat of 820 mm, the 113 hp Testastretta engine, a 19” front wheel and a 20 l fuel tank for a longer touring experience.

The new Multistrada 950 is now available for the first time in China in the full-optional S version: Ducati Cornering Lights (DCL), Ducati Skyhook Suspensions (DSS) and New Human Machine Interface display system further enhance the concept of Premium Touring.

Multistrada 950 is now available at all Ducati China Dealers.