The Panigale V4 S elected "Best Bike of the Year" in UK

The British website Auto Trader has awarded Panigale V4 S the title of "Best Bike of the Year". The new V4 from Borgo Panigale triumphed in the overall standings presented by the largest British digital platform for the sale of cars and motorcycles, listed on the London Stock Exchange, which every month attracts over one million visitors just for motorcycles, for which it publishes about 20,000 sales ads every day. 

Ducati won unanimously and also ranked first in the "Best Sports Bike" category, confirming the great value and appeal of the Panigale V4. 

The award, this year in its fifth edition, has become particularly important in the United Kingdom due both to the popularity of its judges (including the actor Andrew Shim) and the portal's volume of Internet traffic. 

The Panigale V4 S bested 36 competing models from 16 motorcycle manufacturers. The jury based its vote on the criteria of style, practicality, performance, technology, running costs and the market value of the used bikes eligible for the prestigious prize.