Bologna: a day trip to the city

A journey through the city’s treasures.

From the outstanding food and wine offered by small-scale producers and trattorias, to high speed on two wheels, the city proud to be part of the "land of engines". All this is Bologna. 


The call it the Learned, because it is home to one of Italy’s oldest universities; the Red, due to the medieval colour of its roofs, still bright today; the Fat, because cuisine is not just a tradition here, but a real cult.

Bologna is like an old friend, with many nicknames. And just like when you visit a friend, you immediately feel welcomed, regardless of whether you are Bolognese, a faithful tourist or a first-time guest.

This could be down to its ancient porticos, almost 40 kilometres of archways under which Bolognese life plays out, positioned so as to protect pedestrians from the sun and rain. It could also be thanks to its friendly inhabitants and the large squares that feel like home because, as singer Lucio Dalla put it, "I don’t have a real family and my home is Piazza Grande".

Bologna is not just about the atmosphere though. It is, above all, about excellence. The artistic, echoed in its churches, or the culinary, with its small-scale producers, trattorias and wine cellars nestled in the Bolognese hills. Then there’s the high-speed excellence on two wheels, in a "land of engines" of which Bologna is proud to be part.

If you only have 24 hours and are looking for an unusual itinerary, follow us. We will take you on a journey to discover some of this city’s treasures. 

12:30pm – Grilled sausage at Macelleria Zivieri 

RoManzo at the Mercato di Mezzo 

In popular imagination, one’s trusty butcher is close to home, with a dirty apron and a quick hand. The truth is that, today, certain butchers have become rock stars. One such figure is Massimo Zivieri who, many years ago, opened a small shop in the square in Monzuno, a place that would become his stage. After joining the La Granda Quality Food Consortium, strict in terms of traceability, he elected to start breeding pigs of the cinta senese and mora romagnola varieties. The animals are free to roam in a semi-wild state among the wild chestnut trees, their diet, based on uncontaminated tubers and roots, translating into the precious lard that we all know. This is why, if you are in Bologna, you should definitely stop off at the Mercato di Mezzo, where the Zivieri family has opened RoManzo along with chef Fabio Fiore. You can come up to the counter and choose your cut or sit down and let the experts cook it for you. At lunch, you are spoilt for choice, from sandwiches to meatballs to grilled sausage, but you are welcome at breakfast time too, when eggs and bacon are on the menu.  

3pm - A road trip through history 

Ducati Museum in Borgo Panigale  

If it’s excellence you are looking for, you cannot miss a lap of the Ducati Museum in Borgo Panigale. For all two-wheeled fans and those who have Red bikes in their blood, this is a cult place where, faced with the historic "Cucciolo” or recent racing models, Stendhal syndrome is all but guaranteed. But the extensive exhibition space, fully renewed in 2016 in time for World Ducati Week, is also of great interest to those who have never ridden a motorcycle. As ever, when talking about Ducati, we talk about motion and the Museum is no exception: the entire pathway is a journey on two wheels, one that began 90 years ago thanks to the vision of three brothers and that continues today. A tale of all-Italian excellence that can be summed up in three simple words here in Borgo Panigale: style, sophistication and performance.

Three exhibition pathways await you… Firstly, the social and cultural evolution of Italy from 1946 to today, told through 15 historic examples. This is followed by the thrill of racing, with a catwalk of Ducati Racing bikes that recount legendary victories. Then lastly, Ducati Moments, where engines give way to the faces and innovations that have contributed to making the company an international legend. 

Borgo Panigale Experience

Ducati Museum

Your journey to discover some of Bologna's treasures includes a trip to the Ducati Museum, a pathway through the company's history, from legendary victories to future challenges.

8.30pm - Ravioli pizzicati stuffed with onion and melted parmesan with mushrooms and Langhe hazelnuts

Trattoria Scaccomatto   

The final stop of the day in Bologna takes us to one of the city’s most characteristics lanes, via Broccaindosso, so called, it is said, due to the wooden jugs, or brocche, that were used to spur on the donkeys that would travel it. This road is packed with osterias and restaurants, but we are here for Trattoria Scaccomatto, the kingdom of chef Mario Ferrara, born in Lucca but Bolognese by adoption. Forget boiled meat and tortellini, passatelli or lasagne: here the excellence lies in the unexpectedness of the flavours, thanks to harmonious combinations and fusions between one region and another. If you’re looking for one stand-out dish, don’t miss the “ravioli pizzicati ripieni di cipolla e parmigiano liquido con funghi e nocciole delle Langhe” (ravioli pizzicati stuffed with onion and melted parmesan with mushrooms and Langhe hazelnuts), in which the Emilia and Piedmont regions seem to come together to create unique flavours. 

An extraordinary coast to coast

Winding roads overlooking the sea, small villages and dirt paths through the olive trees, where the Multistrada 950 demonstrates its full versatility. The journey to the heart of Southern Italy is about to begin.

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