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KiSS (Keep it Shiny & Sustainable) is the environmental and social sustainability program developed on the occasion of the MotoGP stages involving teams, drivers, spectators, fans, companies, professionals, the community and non-profit organizations.

The goal of the program is to increase the collective awareness about the importance of implementing sustainability-oriented behaviors in major sporting events, as well as in everyday life.

The KiSS program is promoted by FIM on the occasion of the MotoGP championship and it offers support to the circuits that have decided to host this initiative thanks to the collaboration of Dorna and IRTA (International Road Racing Teams Association).

During the past editions, various initiatives have been promoted:

  • Recycling kit: at the KiSS points, recycling kits containing bags of different colors and instructions to be followed for correct differentiation of the waste produced are distributed to spectators;
  • Recycling in Ducati hospitality facilities: special containers for separate waste collection in the Ducati hospitality area;
  • Packaging recycling and recovery: Starting to recover the materials collected by the spectators. The proceeds feed fundraisers, in collaboration with the main national consortia for packaging recycling and recovery;
  • Recycling of spent lubricating oils: special containers for the recycling of spent engine oil used to support the Teams;
  • Recycling of used food oils: special containers for the recycling of exhausted motor oil used in hospitality facilities;
  • Awareness of spectators in the Ducati Grandstand: invitation to recycle through a dedicated communication. Preparation of a dedicated ecological island;
  • Food surplus collection: collection of food surpluses in the hospitality area to donate to charities.

For further information, please visit the official website of KiSS Mugello and KiSS Misano.  

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