End of Life

End of life is the last phase of a product's life cycle, generally preceded by its design, development and use. It represents the moment when a product is disposed of and its components are sent for final disposal or recovery.

Explore the measures that Ducati has adopted to make end of life sustainable.

Motorcycle recyclability

Most of the components of Ducati motorcycles are made of recyclable materials, like plastic and rubber, metals and electronic components. On average, the percentage of recyclable components in a motorcycle is greater than 90%.

To facilitate proper handling in the event of disposal, the main components made of recyclable plastic are identified with the appropriate symbol. 

Ducati Approved

Ducati promotes the Ducati Approved programme for a certified, guaranteed used motorcycle that has been subjected to specific controls by qualified Ducati Service technicians. This delays the entry of vehicles into the "end of life" phase, thus reducing the amount of waste and also allowing reuse of the raw materials employed.

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