Trigeneration plant

In order to produce energy more efficiently than traditional systems, in early 2016 Ducati set up a trigeneration plant inside its facilities, a system that uses a single fuel (methane gas) and two endothermic motors to simultaneously generate electrical, heating and cooling energy. 

The electricity produced by the plant in 2018 accounted for 84% of the facility's total electricity requirements. The remaining electricity needed, purchased from renewable sources, was entirely produced by wind farms. 

This has enabled Ducati to significantly reduce CO2 production, avoiding the emission of 6,008 tonnes from 2016 to the present (*).

For more information, the table below shows the most significant data relating to the trigeneration plant:

(*) Data as at 31/12/2020

6.008 t of CO2 avoided equals:

2,604 toe(**)

(**)tonnes of oil equivalent

1,014 ha of forests

2,568 cars

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