Governance expresses the rules and processes with which decisions are made in the company, how company objectives are decided, as well as the means for achieving and measuring the results achieved. Ducati has implemented an Organisation and Management Model suitable for preventing the commission of offences. In particular, it has entrusted an autonomous and independent body – the Independent Body – with the task of supervising the operation of and compliance with the Model.

All those who work in the name and on behalf of Ducati must immediately inform the Independent Body of any information that may relate to violations of the Model, even potential ones, that they become aware of during their work.

For the correct implementation of the principles underlying its Governance, Ducati relies on internal control bodies that supervise various company areas, such as Change Control Board, IT Security Officer, DPO (Data Protection Officer), APS (Product Safety and Compliance)

Organisational Structure

The Ducati organisational structure is headed by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and is outlined by the corporate organisational chart.

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