Risk Management

Risk Management protects and increases the value of the Company for the benefit of its stakeholders. Every action undertaken in the field of Risk Management therefore has the purpose of supporting the company's objectives by means of instruments that allow the controlled and consistent performance of the various activities, the improvement of the decision-making process, the effective allocation of capital and resources within the organisation, as well as the protection of the company's assets, image, know-how and key people. 

Since Risk Management is closely linked to the Company's Governance, its correct operation is entrusted to the internal control bodies themselves such as Change Control Board, IT Security Officer, DPO (Data Protection Officer), APS (Product Safety and Compliance). 


The responsible processing of personal data is part of Ducati's social responsibility. 

The Company follows a series of guidelines aimed at guaranteeing the protection of personal data throughout the world within the Ducati Group and minimising the risks associated with data protection, based on the principles of the Ducati Group's Ethical Rules and the generally accepted principles of data protection. Personal data must be processed lawfully and in such a way as to safeguard the data subject's rights to confidentiality. 

The principles of the Ducati Group's Ethical Rules can be expanded on and their content enriched by further regulations of the Group companies. For example, Ducati has issued the Ducati Corporate Procedure on the GDPR (General European Data Protection Regulation) which regulates Privacy by design, i.e. the management of data protection from the design phase of any personal data processing, called Ducati Corporate Policy on GDPR-Privacy by Design.

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