Eye tracking: focus on safety

Eye tracking consists of detecting and measuring the movement of the eyes relative to the head. These measurements can be obtained by means of a camera system used in the study of vision (an "eye tracker"), in cognitive linguistics and in the design of commercial products.

"Focus on safety" is the name of the project that Ducati has decided to support in order to add a new element to research aimed at improving riding conditions. Data collection began at the World Ducati Week in July 2018 and is being carried out in collaboration with universities and research institutes. Eye tracking tests are supplemented by questionnaires and surveys to collect data on the behaviour of motorcyclists while riding. Early results show that professional riders are quicker and more precise than amateurs in identifying what to look at. However, there is another very important finding: these results change based on factors like training and awareness. The former, which is independent of gender, age and basic aptitude, makes it possible to increase active safety. Awareness has a significant impact on the improvement of results, especially thanks to the improvement of selective attention. This initial scientific evidence reinforces the hypothesis that specific training measures can contribute to increasing the active safety of motorcyclists.

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