Ducati is not taking a break: two new dealerships have opened in Poland

The expansion of Ducati’s network is carrying on at a high pace: more than 600 visitors and enthusiasts attended the opening parties of two new Dealerships in Poland.

The new Krakow dealership has registered impressive results: almost 200 test rides were recorder in 3 open days, with the presence of influencers and journalists who have shared the event live on social media. On Sunday, Ducati’s fans gathered around the TV screen to watch the efforts of our MotoGP riders on the track of San Marino.

The second opening party in Torun has counted 65 test rides and different service workshops. Everything along with great food and Italian coffee. Visitors had the possibility to see and try different models of both Ducati and Scrambler, as well as the e-mtb Ducati MIG-RR.

At a short distance from last week's double opening in Central America, Ducati seizes all the opportunities and never refrains to renew itself and expand all around the world.

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