The brakes of the future: Bosch Cornering ABS

ECUs, sensors, actuators, pressure regulators all contribute to that small miracle of allowing you to stop within the shortest possible distance and in the shortest possible time, without the wheels locking up or a crash occurring, even if you’re at full tilt.

All of this is known as Bosch ABS Cornering and is the most revolutionary solution to be applied to the bike since the invention of the bike itself. Making a “panic stop” while at full lean, without crashing, may seem like science-fiction. And yet it is reality. Here and now, with the latest generation of Ducati bikes. 

ABS is an integral part of the bike, which we take for granted. But getting to this point was no easy task. The road was long, at least as long as the history of the bike itself. Bikes were becoming faster and faster but also needed to be stopped in some way. Obviously enough, it was all proportionare to the performance and roads of the time. From the first rudimental leather belts, we progressed to drum brakes with the much-coveted “4-shoe brakes”, the ultimate for racing back then. Powerful but “harsh” brakes, with no finesse, especially in the wet. Who knows whether the riders of the time, who had to deal with with wheel lockouts and broken Bowden cables, could have imagined today's breakthroughs

Braking systems have always developed in accordance with evolutions in bike performance. The late 60s brought a turning point, with the arrival of the hydraulic disc, destined to become the definitive, untouchable solution. From then on, only refinements were needed, to make the brake disc more powerful (radial callipers) and manageable. Right up to ABS, the greatest step ahead in terms of safety

The ST4 S was the first Ducati to have it and, from then on, braking systems took a new direction, with increasingly precise sensors, electronics and algorithms that brought the braking system to its current state-of-the-art level. A level that sees artificial intelligence override the human brain, especially when it comes to braking at full lean. Truly the final frontier of technology, the light that illuminates the final black hole of active safety. 

Bosch ABS Cornering is the missing link in the evolution of braking systems. A link that could only be added after integrating the inertial platform into the bike’s electronics. Thanks to this platform, the ECU can identify the bike’s exact position in space, or rather to what extent it is leaning, accelerating and braking. Essentially, Bosch ABS Cornering is able to regulate the pressure of the braking system, preventing any so-called “downside” or rather a crash caused by the front forks bottoming out.