Fresh, aromatic and young:
this is the new Ducati ICE men's fragrance

A symphony of citrus and woody notes for a fresh, energising interpretation of the new Ducati ICE men's fragrance. The name itself – ICE – recalls juicy, freshly picked Italian citrus fruits with an intense, young spirit that unleash pure energy. A bold, daring scent that likes to go fast. White and red, pure and passionate like the Italian summer and like the motorcycle company that put its name on the new fragrance. 

The scent opens with lemon, mandarin and bergamot notes. Its heart is softer, with essences of lavender, geranium and sage, then closing with intensity thanks to the cedar and vetiver

The line consists of three items: eau de toilette 100 ml, deodorant spray 150 ml and shower gel 300 ml.

Ducati ICE is the most recent of the three fragrances, perfectly completing the range together with the two previous scents: the elegant and intense Ducati 1926 and Ducati SPORT, a fragrance for young, dynamic sportsmen.

The new Ducati ICE line can be purchased in perfume shops and specialised retailers.

Ducati ICE is immediately available in the following countries: Poland, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Romania, Taiwan, Portugal, Albania, Great Britain, Singapore, Bosnia. It will be available in other countries in the coming months.

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