"Fisica in Moto" laboratory opens to the public for the first time

Fisica in Moto, the Fondazione Ducati hands-on physics laboratory, so far dedicated to high school students only, opens to the public.

With the help of tour guides and thanks to hands-on experiments, you will discover how the desmodromic valve system works, why to bank your motorbike, what is the need for a soft lining inside your helmet and much more.

The laboratory will be opened on Saturdays and Sundays during school period (October – June) and from Monday to Friday in Summer (June – September), closed on Wednesdays. Sat-Sun: 9:30, 11:30, 14:00 and 16:00; Mon-Fri: 10:30, 12:15 and 15:00.

The Fisica in Moto tickets always includes the Museum entrance fee (without a guide). It is possible to book the Factory tour also here Prices:
Fisica in Moto + Museo Ducati: Full € 30,00 / Reduced € 25,00 */ <11 anni: Free
Fisica in Moto + Museum Fisica in Moto + Fabbrica + Museo Ducati: Full € 45,00 / Reduced € 40,00 * / <11 yo: Free
*Reduced for under-18 with parents and universitary studens (up to 26yo)

For further information about Museum and Factory tours please see. For further information about the laboratory fisicainmoto@ducati.com