Focus on Atacama C1

Polyester twill fabric
  • Softness of fabric > garments adapt to body movement > excellent ergonomics
  • Abrasion resistant > excellent protection in case of falls or slides
  • Natural look > eye-pleasing
  • Waterproofing > garments will not get soaked in rainy conditions
Reinforced polyamide fabric
  • Low specific weight > lighter weight garments > low fatigue
  • Impact and wear resistant > excellent protection in case of falls or slides
  • Resistance to solvents, oil, grease and fuels > greater durability and integrity
High tenacity yarn
  • The polyester yarn used for the garment is high tenacity, yarn count 40 triple twisted
  • Keeps together the different fabrics used for garment > High protection in case of falls or slides
H2Out Jacket
  • Removable, waterproof, breathable, windproof jacket. H2Out can also be worn separately.
  • 4Waterproof over 20.000mm H2O
  • Breathability over 10.000g/ m2/24h (* A-1 upright cup method JIS L1099 A-1, ISO 2528)
  • Water repellency over 80 points (after 20 wash cycles)
  • Wind and rainproof > great comfort even in adverse weather conditions
Thermal jacket
  • A removable thermal jacket in waterrepellent, breathable polyester that can also be used separately
  • Optimized functionality both while riding the bike and after arriving at destination
ForceTech Protectors on shoulders and elbows
  • Total weight of kit is 380 gr > lightweight
  • Ergonomic design and excellent kinematic properties > allow good freedom of movement
2 outer waterproof pockets
  • Jacket’s internal pocket as well as the 2 lower pockets are all waterproof
Air vents
  • On chest, sleeves, back and legs for maximum ventilation during warmer seasons
  • Fresh > excellent riding comfort
  • Breathable > maximum ventilation
  • The jacket comes ready for insertion of a 2-liter touring Hydroback in the special slot under the collar (purchased separately)
  • The garment can be used in very hot and humid weather conditions
Waist bag
  • Jacket’s rear pocket is removable and can be used separately as a waist bag
  • Optimized functionality both while riding the bike and after arriving at destination
Garment Adjustments
  • The jacket is adjustable at the waist, back, forearm, arms; pants at the waist and ankles
  • Better protector fit > increased safety
  • By avoiding loose-fitting volumes, it is possible to eliminate unwanted air flows and build-up inside the garment > increased riding comfort and safety
Jacket-Trousers Fastening System
  • Jacket fastened to trousers > reduced air infiltrations
  • While riding garments do not move > improved ergonomics and comfort
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