Master all roads
with Beppe Gualini’s riding tips

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Master all roads
with Beppe Gualini's riding tips

Having ridden no less than 10 Paris-Dakar, more than 60 African rally-raid pro and countless miles all across the world, Beppe Gualini is a motorcycle icon and a reference for those for whom the bike is a symbol of freedom, adventure and discovery.

He is also the Technical Director of the DRE Enduro, the off-road branch of the Ducati Academy whose participants make use of his expertise and teaching to create a real harmony with their bikes. And while he's planning this year's stages of the DRE Enduro, we ask him to share a few secrets for the perfect preparation for the journey.

Because no matter if we're first-time explorers or experienced adventure masters, "the sensation of control that you get when developing your skills riding your own motorcycle - as he likes to say - is always a unique feeling". For everyone.


What is the first,
fundamental, riding tip?

Never leave anything to chance. This is the first fundamental rule when preparing for a trip. The slightest of errors, the smallest oversight may result in failure. Everything needs to be in order and working perfectly. Chain tension, oil level, suspension adjusted to suit the load…

And if the bike is quiet and does not give off any warning signs, that does not necessarily mean all is well. Be sure to give it the care, attention and time it requires.


What equipment
should we bring along?

Weight and bulk are key. It’s not so much what we take with us, but what we leave behind. Lightness, and the relinquishing of all superfluous items, is the secret to any travel pack. I personally make a double selection. I prepare my gear, lay it out on a table and then remove anything that isn’t absolutely indispensable. If you have any extra space, it’s better to use it for a spare part or an extra spanner, rather than an accessory we can do without.

“Never forget it’s going to be a trip and not a holiday”

Always keep in mind that we’re preparing for a trip, not a holiday. The number one goal during this preparatory phase is to ensure maximum autonomy. Besides collecting items to bring home that will remind us of the experience for the rest of our lives. 


How do you feel on
the new Multistrada 1260 Enduro?

No matter the situation, no matter the riding mode. Whatever the conditions, I feel an explosion of reactivity from the new Multistrada 1260 Enduro that makes it truly unique. And this is what I appreciate most. The fact it has no limits. It is the bike I use for everyday trips, and the ease of riding it offers amazes me every time. But it is also, and above all, the ideal bike for long journeys, thanks to its unrivalled comfort.

If I’m riding along and feel like going fast? I twist the throttle and fully exploit the engine’s potential. And if I decide to leave the asphalt and explore off-road, the Multistrada 1260 Enduro lets me do so with absolute peace of mind, because I know that I can go anywhere and overcome any obstacle with this bike.

Where do you
dream of going with her?

It is perfect for a trip I am saving up, to one of the few places I’ve not yet been able to cross: Tibet. Unique mountains, a land that is both magnificent and daunting. A challenge that appeals to me, for both the history and the harshness of the place: elements that, as far as I’m concerned, sum up the true essence of adventure, a constant in my life.

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