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It takes genius and
passion to build a dream

It was July 4th, 1926 when in a small workshop in the heart of Bologna, Adriano, Bruno, and Marcello Cavalieri Ducati developed a new technology to use in the production of an electric condenser, the “Manens”. Engines would only enter the scene in 1946, but technical ingenuity and innovation have been the cornerstones of Ducati's history from the very beginning. These were starting points for developing the know-how that today is among the most advanced in the mechanical industry and beyond.

But the products that leave Borgo Panigale, ready to reach every corner of the world, are not simple motorcycles but true dreams on two wheels. This happens because in addition to the ideas and the skills, these incredibly sophisticated vehicles are made unique by the passion of the women and men who day by day, with precision, dedication and attention to detail, treat them as if they were works of art.

The people
of Ducati

As unique as the Desmo sound

Authentic people, driven by a real passion. People who every day are able to create unique experiences and define new points of reference. Real “Ducatisti” who always get excited when they see the characteristic red color or when they recognize the unmistakable sound of the desmodromic engine. They are the ones who have made this history possible, a history spanning more than ninety years. It is thanks to their pride and their sense of belonging that extraordinary achievements have been reached and others are sure to be reached in the future.

As exciting
as the red color

From those at the tables in the Design Center who draw the sketches that will bring the new models to life, to those who oversee the intake systems at the motorcycle test bench, the constant quest for excellence is the driving force behind all those who work at the headquarters in Borgo Panigale, the two production plants in Amphur Pluakdaeng Rayong, Thailand and in Manaus, Brazil, and the ten commercial branches that represent Ducati on all the continents. And who contribute to creating a world that is like one big family.

Populated by reliable and competent people. Determined, demanding and stimulating. Proudly anchored to its roots, but confidently projected into the future.

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