Shell Advance Ducati 15w-50 Oil

Drawing on Ducati and Shell's many years of experience on circuits all over the world, a new technologically advanced oil has been developed that is capable of meeting the specifications and guaranteeing the performance of Ducati motorcycles: the new Shell ADVANCE DUCATI 15W-50.

Since 2003, Shell has been contributing to increasingly competitive performance through the study and development of special fuels and lubricants for racing and beyond. The new Shell ADVANCE DUCATI 15W-50 is the original equipment oil used in all Ducati motorcycles and is designed to provide maximum protection for the performance of your engine.

The technology used positions the product at the top of the range for 4-stroke motorcycles. It was developed with Shell's unique patented PurePlus technology, which converts natural gas into a crystalline base oil that is substantially free of the impurities present in crude oil, which is instead used for most of the synthetic and traditional engine oils on the market. Shell ADVANCE DUCATI 15W-50, 100% synthetic, is obtained by combining this pure and crystalline base oil obtained from natural gas with Shell Active Cleansing additive technology, thus creating an oil with very high cleaning properties.

At your Ducati's next service, ask your trusted dealer to show you all the benefits of the new Shell ADVANCE DUCATI 15W-50 oil. 

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