Alexandra, Emeric and their Monster 1000 S i.e.

"So what’s its superpower? It gives us an emotionally intense riding experience wherever we go!

I fell in love with the Monster the moment I saw a preview of it at the Paris Motor Show 25 years ago. For years I dreamed of having one all to myself, and once I fulfilled this desire it didn’t stop there: this is the third Monster of my life since 1998, the one that accompanies me and Alexandra on all our journeys.

I like thinking of the Monster as a bike with a split soul that provides an emotionally intense experience whether I’m putting it to the test on the sportiest itineraries or if we're looking to kick back and let the road take us on a relaxing day trip out of town. I’m so crazy about this motorcycle that my partner Alexandra calls it “the lover”. But even she, underneath it all, can’t live without “our” Monster!"