Barbara and her Monster M900

“My Monster’s superpower? It's a bike with a soul."

My husband Joseph and I have been together for 32 years and we share everything, from our daily lives to our passion for Ducati. 

We fell in love with the Monster at first sight. Joseph entered the dealership wanting to buy an SS 750 and came out with a contract for the Monster 900. He was so excited by it that it didn't come to mind that he didn't have enough money to pay for it. His uncle came to the rescue, aware of his passion, and he helped him to make his – well, our – dream come true. The next day we ordered another identical Monster just for me. 

Since then we have shared more than 160,000 kilometres on our Monsters, travelling to every corner of Europe, from Scandinavia to Southern Italy. 

My Monster’s superpower? The drive I feel as soon as I touch the accelerator and its unique and unmistakable sound. The Monster isn't a motorcycle, it's a friend you can't do without. 

This is our seventh World Ducati Week: here we meet new friends every time and find the same old faces of the past editions. Ducatistis from Chile, Russia, Mexico, from every part of the world, who find themselves here for a single reason: to celebrate a passion that will never die.