Cecile and Chloe and their Monster 600

"Its superpower: us, it and all the people we love

My, or shall I say our, Monster was the most wonderful present that my sister Chloe and I could have ever received for our 18th birthday. Just as soon as we got our license, our father surprised us with his 1994 Monster 600 outside the house, ready to give the same sensations that he had described to us over and over, and that until that moment we could only imagine.

To feel happy on the Monster, you don’t have to go fast or set off on expeditions to faraway places. I get a thrill just by hopping on the seat, turning the key, revving up the engine and having the freedom to choose where to go in the company of those I love. So, if I have to think about the superpowers of the Monster, I’d have to say that: its ability to unite all the people I’d always like to have next to me."